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Can someone tell me if they know researchs about "electronic but with only easy to obtain materials"?

Like only silicium/common metals/easily recyclable stuff...

Interested to know how a tiny community can fulfill its electronics needs without relying on big international imports (sort of impossible if you're an individual / without relying on a big company)

Boost? :3

Fedi, I'm seeking a blog system that isn't WordPress, store its stuff in markdown files, and is really easy for newbs

I also need to embed an easily editable calendar of events, self hosted.

Ty, boost appreciated.

When you're re-watching an anime series or watching a new season of it, you're revisiting a world you're familiar with

Like you know you're in BSD's Yokohama because of those shots of the port ⛵

Or OPM's Saitama's homecity due to those ugly monsters lurking around the corners👹

Or the various hells of supernatural anime 👻

They have a specific feel to them, stemming from the animation style, characters found there or events that transpired there ~ it's cool :laughing_cirno:

Pokémon fans!

Mastodex is a mashup of a Fediverse user directory and a Pokédex:

Fediverse users can choose a creature and get their username listed next to it.

#Pokemon #Pokémon #GottaFederateEmAll

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I'm one damn confused person. When I'm logging in on Mastodon, I write in the email field. When I'm trying to follow an user, I write my email instead of my Mastodon username.
Sure, creating an account on another instance might be a good idea someday ... but I'm not sure my little brain can handle it.

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !