🎉 I am most delighted to announce, that I have formed a musical unit with @Guresuke !

We are called "Illusion of Ideal"

Musical Composition: @Guresuke

Vocal: @Nightingalle

We hereby release the first songs that we have created together:

- Illusion of Ideal (English version)


- Illusion of Ideal (Japanese version)




Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our work:)


@Nightingalle @Guresuke Just listened to it, and.. wooow. It's awesome, now I'll check the jap version :p

@RafiX @Guresuke Thanks a lot for listening and enjoying it! Yes the Japanese version is just every bit as wonderful in my opinion:)

@Nightingalle @Guresuke Japanese version is better, reminds me of one j-rock band I can't find again now :c


@Nightingalle @Guresuke Tried, can't find it :/ I remember it was j-rock band with only girls, and with some japanese and some english songs..

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