tfw no laptop to put this lain sticker I got ;;

@hyphen @lunchgirl hey, I found the png (I had it on my PC since quite some time)

@NHG @lunchgirl @hyphen mines is actually this, without japanese text

and I only got one :c

@RafiX @hyphen @lunchgirl that offer is still standing for any of you, i have a lot of them and intl mail is cheap

@NHG @hyphen @lunchgirl I don't there's other place to put a sticker like this besides a laptop, so I don't need one

maybe @BluRaf would be interested

@BluRaf @NHG @hyphen @lunchgirl I keeping the pleroma sticker with text for me :3

@NHG @dwaltiz @BluRaf @hyphen @lunchgirl nice stickers I see

tfw you're probably the only one in thread with no laptop

@BluRaf @lunchgirl @hyphen @RafiX see above in this thread, if you want some of the lain stickers dm or mail or xmpp or whatever me a shipping address

@RafiX @lunchgirl Serial experiments: Lain is an inside joke among cool people, I love it

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