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Soooo.. I have a way to support my photography (if someone wants to support me lol) now


I'm still alive, morning I guess

just another bot not giving any fuck about .

I think I'll just go cry in bed and play on ds.


Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is out but I can't play it :c

tfw someone probably ran over a dog with a car in my neighbourhood ;-;

Okay, time to eat something and code

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Took some photos yesterday. All of them are copyright by Michał Kern 2018 CC-BY-NC 4.0 International. Hope you like them!

and look who I found randomly browsing speedrun.com

cc: @karen

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i can't stop buying burgs: a kawen story
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Fuck. I have no energy to code since yesterday. Send help ;w;

looking for good chiptune radio (I mostly like Gameboy chiptunes tho..)

why can't I use both stylus control and d-pad at the same time in Animal Crossing: Wild World..