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Japanese engineers sometimes say Nyaaan!


Good morning niu!
I am in class and I feel stoked for no reason. FEEL GOOD SQUAD UNITE.

@zatnosk I got myself a little more to work with in terms of assets and palettes.
I will touch upon a few territories to see where I am at and then look into maybe designing some housing for your little project.

Just thought I'd let you know.

I will just nap, I can't fight the drowsyness.
Nighty night. :blobmelt:

My friend's making me all sleepy with this Xenoblade 2 OST :blobmelt:

Root beer get. Time to bail from the CZ border back into Germany and towards the place we will stay for the week m

My friend redeems his bad music Taste with the OST from Ryme. Well neat.

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And as per usual, my friend's music Taste sucks more dicks than I will be able to keep up with.

A little detour to the czech border for root beer and we are good to go for the week. Hell yeah.

I am reaching a point where I technically have enough assets to be awfully productive with just my laptop on the go.

Handful of pixel/voxel editors, palettes en masse, over 40-50 sources of documentation, different software to be doing magic with engines and games.

Yet I never touch them when I am actually gone from home due to courses and classes. Any advice on how to become more streamlined and productive in that sense? I have ideas, I just never work on them. - I shall embrace myself for what is to come in the next days.

Gotta love the BTC reddit sometimes.

Need help with a choice/OpenSorcery (Maybe spolier) Show more

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This christmas meeting screwed me up good-- surprised I actually type properly

Immer wieder schade zu sehen, das gewisse deutsche Medienpunkte, die damals noch als zuverlässig galten, heute dem Gleichen zum Opfer fallen wie der Rest.

Weiß langsam nich mehr was ich lesen oder anschauen soll. Ist zwar nichts neues, aber Wollte ich einfach wieder los werden.

The regret of said overdressing now comes as I walk through the city, while It's snowing, in just a suit.


Nothing like being super overdressed at work.
Bet they never saw a techie in a suit there before, all because I was too laz, was to change after work to go to that Business meeting/christmas party deal.