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Praha vs Crooks pretty much jumped up to be the most interesting internet series I watched in ages.

Now that I believe to know everything about scamming in Prague, I know what to avoid and visit all the cool people.

Being on a spree of watching videos that regard scamming in pargue, I began thinking of you two. The dude showing the scams being really cool about fighting what makes that city look poopy. @karen @Pasty

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So apparently my exams happen half a year earlier than planned.
All because they silently, without ever sending me confirmation, agreed that my apprenticeship can be shortened.

I got time until Monday to decide.
Pressure's real.

Discord once gain proves to be a dangerous place to roam while at work.

No regrets.

Scheduled delivery -> On time
Driver -> No clue why he is here
Paperwork -> Non-existant
Placing the machine -> The driver dropped it onto the floor
Delivery -> It's not even the entire shipment, what.


Maybe I should actually start taking notes on what I want to do and the things I did.

I always dig up old ideas and then realize... "Didn't I already have this idea before?"

Sure throws me into a loop every time.

A quick note that I am part of a chiptune competition, feedback would be appreciated! Feel free to poke me for more info if you need any!

You know the war is on when your classmate pulls out an entire thermo-cup full of cofe while you had none. :police_cirno:

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Yeah this is pretty much me.

Slow, terrible morning. Burnt out on cash with no ATM in reach. I don't even have proper change for a cofe.

Should've gotten some yesterday while I still had the chance. >_>

Happy birthday @alli ! Have a good one. Will ya?

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Haircut get. Now I just need to figure out what to dye it into. My barber claiming white working well. Hm.

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