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I also sure hope that the paycheck comes soon, otherwise I gonna have to start cutting meals.

Maybe I should just crawl into bed once home. Work was draining.

Just another day of menuing for hours because them service manuals are amazing. :I

I wish corel would be more compatible with Roland versaworks. The cut contour is never the way it should be, making calibrations a bitch.

That dude is like the final boss to me. Must be his god damn transformers t-shirt.

I spent the entire night dreaming of that one chinese man in dong dong never die, the one that screams "GU SHEN-GONG" while attacking. Just end me and my PTSD flashbacks.

Friendly reminder that I still am looking for people to play competitive Tetris against! 120-130 BPM being my peak.

That said, heyo niu. Hope you are having a good day.

Holy shit. 450 toots on my timeline since I last checked. You all are fucking madmen.

Relevant and highly important message.
Oh and feel good vibes during singles awareness day.

TIL there are self driving trains and that they are cool, but because of that we don't have them here.

I just realized how chill It is to sit in the first row of the bus, watching where we actually go.

I totally forgot to get back to you and realized this after I got back to work.

I am so sorry ;-;!!!

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Five more mins and I can close the store for today. EXCITEMENT. I WANT A BEER AFTERWARDS.

Good to be back at work to sort the chaos.

Off work soon whew. Can't wait to work on my amiga MOD project. Got my samples sorted methinks.

Back at work and nothing has changed. Chaos all around. dive into the mess. :3c

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