@Sapprodite You should be able to interact with other people fairly easily. I'm following you from a Mastodon instance, niu.moe.

Mastodon is for microblogging instances and is akin to twitter. You are on fediverse.blog, which is Plume instance. My understanding is that Plume is designed for full size blogging.

It's cool because I don't need to sign up on a new service to follow you. I should see your posts in my timeline.

Dumb fedi question incoming. Let's say that I found a Plume blog that I'm interested in reading. Plume is federated. In theory I should be able to follow that user from any other federated service and read that content, right?

Like from here.

I thought that was how things worked, but when I look at the user in question it shows that they have 2 toots, (new user so that number may be accurate.) But none of them are accessible.

Am I being dumb or is there something broken?

DONE WITH THE FINAL! An hour before midnight. and basically two days before it actually needed to be done. Now my weekend is free, except for all the other shit I'm obligated to do...

Ah, adulting.

I need to be productive today. My hope is to get the final completed and submitted before midnight. It isn't due today, but it would be nice to have it off my plate.

But it's so boring. And I really want to play with Blender 2.8 instead. Procrastination station manned.

Okay, been away for a bit. I've been busy with the holidays/other half's birthday/other half's promotion at work/7.0 earthquake/and an online class that I need to have the final exam submitted before Sunday.

Other than that things are peachy. We're safe, still feeling aftershocks, but nothing too bad.

I think I need an art piece map, based on the Euler spiral. I watched the thing on number while and it's dorky and potentially beautiful. Useless, but a fun talking piece.

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Huh. Decided to wipe out puppy and install slackware on a lark. That was surprisingly easy.No idea how to admin it yet. But it's installed, updated and as far as I can tell works perfectly out of the box.

First step in creating my own Puppy Linux Distro done. I have a bootable iso based on Slackware packages.

Next step is to install the software and theming I want for it.

A "simple" remaster of the iso after that and I should have my personal puppy distro.

I will probably name it after my dog. :blobreachreverse: 🐶 💻 :blobreach:

Trying my hand at building my own Puppy. Seems straightforward. I don't actually need it to do anything special. This is for the novelty of it. I can have my very own distro on a stick.

Posting from my new Puppy Linux install. It's cute and fast. Works very well on this underpowered laptop.

I think I need to remake my avatar. I colored it and scaled it to be more pleasing, but it's always bothered me that I basically stole it from the artist before modifying it. (Their sig is still visible (not sure if readable), reversed under the bird.)

Maybe I can do a 3D bird render with a glass material or something.

I still want rainbows. (Prismatic)
I still want a crow/crows (Murder)

Sometimes I get kind of manic and want to do too much. This is probably one of those times.

Doing some distro hopping. Playing with an older laptop, it was previously running some Arch derivitive.

Right now I've gotten Windows10 running (for 3d printing drivers that I haven't gotten working via wine), and a broken FreeBSD install dual booted. (Broken because for some reason during the install wifi worked, but after the install it doesn't.)

Currently looking for something fun to toy around with. An obscure BSD? A linux? Some other OS entirely? Looking for something systemd-free.

Baking experiment: Cookies
No recipe base, just the "cookie" ratio. 1:2:3 Sugar:Butter:Flour

Making it low carb, so this is the going to require a lot of tweaks, but it seemed like a reasonable starting point.

God damn it Windows. Updates should not keep breaking shit.

I set up custom configs on my mouse for a reason, resetting it to default is not cool.

Now I have to remember what I did to make it work for me in the first place.

I really need to take pictures of my anniversary presents. But that takes effort.

Got a huge unintentional hint on one of my anniversary presents today. A package from Goulet Pens arrived.

It's our 11th anniversary, the gift theme is Steel. So either it's a stainless steel pen OR basically any pen with a steel nib.

Or it's a completely unrelated package that I wasn't told about.

I guess it will have to be a mystery until next Monday.

It's getting cold already. Leaves are yellow. Bleh.

The joys of the medial system. 1+ hrs to get to my appt. Then likely wait for 30 minutes to see a doctor for less than 5 minutes. All to refill a prescription of 6 pills. Then another hour of transit to pick them up.

I am already so bored with my diet. Only one week in. It works great, but ugh.

Same breakfast everyday. Same lunch every day. Same dinner (sort of) every day.

Just need to keep telling myself that it's worth it.

As the saying goes, "You see old people, you see fat people, but you don't see many old fat people."

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