And now I have to find a new instance. Oof. Didn't expect that. I haven't been here in a while, but it's sad that niu won't be here anymore.

My spouse and I are looking at something similar to livejournal for keeping a diary. It's really nice to be able to go back and look at a calendar and see what was going on in our lives 5-10 years ago.

But there isn't much of a community over there any more. Are there modern alternatives or is the desire for something like that just showing our age?

Happy March, Niu fam. Been busy with dog stuff/FFXIV and my FC fam. Hope all is going well for the fedi peeps.

I just want to get home and finish setting up my OpenBSD laptop in install. Or rather post install setup stuff. Everything basically just works.

Next up is getting Haskell stuff installed.

Playing the Rusty Lake games. Delightfully dark games. Occasionally some BS mechanic that I don't understand, and the earlier games have a couple of known bugs. Still, most of the games are free. And even the premium ones are cheap.

I haven't even been lurking lately. I swear I'm not cheating on ! Just been so busy that social mediaing has not been in the cards.

Setting up my new to me Traveller's Notebook (TN) with some Tomoe River paper from Goulet Pens that I'm wrapping with shimmery scrapbooking paper that we had on hand.

Holiday party. Too many people in small area. I know the organizer his wife and my spouse. That's it.

Some people know they are an adult when they are excited to get nice clothes as gifts.

I know I'm an adult when I'm excited about office furniture.

(Seriously though, this desk is amazing. Motorized standing desk with four remembered height settings. A tempered glass top. And a drawer with a lovely felt bottom.)

Although, now I need to invest in a mousepad/headphone stand/ and an anti-fatigue mat. But it's worth it.

i practically only unfollow because people RT stupid stuff

Screwed again by reddit secret santa. Ugh. I shouldn't do this anymore.

Huh. Greeted by a tutorial on opening niu today. Looks good.

Sick puppy surgery deliberation 

Okay, after much deliberation, we're going to eat the cost of a second opinion and cancel the scheduled surgery for now. We might be able to scrape enough together to pay for the surgery, (doubtful, but maybe), but after that we'd literally have no money to survive on until next payday or the insurance company reimburses us, whichever comes first.


Doggo has bladder stones. Quoted surgery is $2.5k. We have insurance, but we have to pay this upfront then get reimbursed .

And right after I toot that, it pops up. 4.2 and far enough away that I'm a little surprised that I felt it.

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For some reason it isn't showing up on the USGS map. So no idea what magnitude, how far away it was. I'm assuming it was just another aftershock of the big one.

@Sapprodite You should be able to interact with other people fairly easily. I'm following you from a Mastodon instance,

Mastodon is for microblogging instances and is akin to twitter. You are on, which is Plume instance. My understanding is that Plume is designed for full size blogging.

It's cool because I don't need to sign up on a new service to follow you. I should see your posts in my timeline.

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