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Reading SAO Proressive. Assuming he keeps writing at the current pace he MAY finish before I die.

Real talk, can I move that damn pencil? I was fine with the masto interface before. Now it literally blocks text. It makes a portion of the end of a thread unreadable.

Not really a fan of replacing the new post tab with the pencil that covers content.

What to do when your love is depressed, but won't get help? It tears me apart, but they won't let me help, and refuse to go to a doctor.

Anyone else taking MBTI quizzes lately? I really can't tell which ones are accurate. 9/10 list me as one type, but I'm not 100% sure it's right. So I go find another test.

Okay, why does this fucking everything want to share my location with my friends? Even text message apps are getting in on this. Sorry, but if I want someone to know where I am, I'll tell them. WTF

3D printer wobbles. Which creates banding. Otherwise it's printing okay.

Solution: move it to a more stable location.

Problem: this moves it out of reach of the desktop pc running windows.

Problem 2: For some reason my funtoo linux laptop won't connect either.

💻 :blobshrug:

Would like to reminder to new niu users that this is the world wide web.
And more than that, nobody can control what you send to the whole network, if you send something, the instance might be not able to delete the content after, anyone/any admin can do whatever he want with it.

Also, DM aren't PRIVATE, it's like Messenger or Twitter DM, THE STAFF CAN READ ò.ó
This isn't in any case somewhere to share passwords nor sexy pics.

For more Infos .

Bruce Perens Suffers for Copyleft Defense, Microsoft Still Openwashing

Good morning! Off to walk the dog, then pretend I'm awake enoigh to learn some blender. Going to complete that damned donu tutorial if it kills me.

🍩 🌇

To my fellow singles: how about we do our own movie night on Valentine's? We could pick a movie, open a chat room somewhere then we'll all start the movie at the same time? Could be fun ^o^

@rye people want to bang the terrors of the Lovecraftian Mythos, the original ones even rather than just the cute versions from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. If it exists, even if only fictionally, someone wants to bang it.

Apparently I've been depressed or something lately. Didn't realise it until I realised I hadnt even touched my bujo in 2 weeks.

Didn't even realise that yesterday was the Superbowl until reading some Superb Owl stuff.

3D printing calibrating is a pita. I swear I'll get it figured out eventually.

Figured out that print bed isn't level. But its a delta printer and it's hard to level the bed. Alternatively, I could just adjust the towers to compensate. But again, delta printer. Ugh.

Anyone have experience with Bluetooth headphones/headsets on linux? I'm having trouble getting mine to work. I can see the device but it won't connect after pairing. (CLI or GUI, doesn't matter, it just errors out.)

Took one of those silly quizzes today. "What Myers Brigg / Disney Princess are you?" Apparently I'm Elsa - INFJ.

The Myers-Brigg portion is accurate. Regardless of "official" or silly versions of the quiz, that personality is rather consistent. I'm a little surprised that they classified Elsa as INFJ, though.