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Oof. Playing Skybox 3, forgot that enemies would spawn with enough room. Pushed off the edge with a whole lot of stuff.

No real way that I'm aware of to recover the stuff without cheating. Grave is there, just no way to get to it without dying.

Oh well. Back to tree farming.🌳

Made my first post on :blobcatcamera: :blobcatcamera:

Started lurking on . Found some neat pictures. Lots of placeholder UI, which is expected. Haven't posted anything yet.

Maybe someone would want to look at a pile of snot rags, but I think that's just a bit too gross.

When I'm feeling better, definitely going to post pictures. :blobcatcamera: đŸ¶

You know what's worse than having a bad cold? Having it in the summer.

What are the thoughts on ? Probably going to try it out, but I'm curious what the hive mind thought is.

Playing pokemon go. It really does a number on my phone battery.

Tried my hand at mystery shopping today.

To sum up the experience, it isn't worth it. Probably.

At least in this case. I think the payout is under $20. And you have to buy something from the store and aren't reimbursed for it. If the store was closer to me, then maybe. But as it is, this is probably a one time gig.

Just scored HUGE at the geek swap meet. Was able to pick up a gambeson, a couple of tabards and some leather pieces (belt/pouch/scabbard/etc...) for under $40.

The guy even threw in a gorget that I didn't even want.

Basically, new, these items would have run ~$300 - $350. Most of it is used, but it's all in great condition. I wasn't sure I'd be able to afford to dress for the ren faire next weekend, but because of this I probably will.

Should I use @admin or @niu for "niu administrative account for announcements" ?

Watched the most recent Two-Minute Papers on youtube. Looking forward to trying out their code to create materials. Very intersting use of AI.

Considering applying to do some 3D models for Beyond Skyrim. Also considering I might be insane.

Beyond Skyrim - Ta'agra
Khajiit native language spotlight.

An impressive conlang offering.

Pandemic Legacy - July. Another win. But not without a cost. Botg of our Characters gained permanent scars.

Yet another weekend where we save the world from an impending Pandemic. Same old, same old.

We are now 6-0.

Interesting day. Saw an eagle at a bird treatment center. Played board games with the volunteer crew.

Unexpectes and welcome.

Oof. Laptop's been off for a week while waiting for the new fan. Running updates. 252 packages to update.


Laptop fan replacement successful.

This fan is a touch louder than the original fan was when new. But it's quieter than the failing original.

Not going to complain, amazon got it to me cheap and fast. If it bothers me I can always look into a quieter fan.

It's funny. My laptop is actually louder than my gaming desktop. But I focused on getting silent/near silent fans for that.

This is turning into a crummy day.

Grey Sky. ✅
Occassional water from the sky. ✅
Shopping. ✅
Public transpo. ✅
Doggo not feeling well. ✅ đŸ¶

On the plus side, I did find a comfy pair of shoes. And a tray of mini Italian desserts. If I can find a cheapish bike pump this trip can be a success.

Then maybe I can finish modelling the house I'm working on in Blender. Looking forward to texturing/finishing this project.