The joys of the medial system. 1+ hrs to get to my appt. Then likely wait for 30 minutes to see a doctor for less than 5 minutes. All to refill a prescription of 6 pills. Then another hour of transit to pick them up.

I am already so bored with my diet. Only one week in. It works great, but ugh.

Same breakfast everyday. Same lunch every day. Same dinner (sort of) every day.

Just need to keep telling myself that it's worth it.

As the saying goes, "You see old people, you see fat people, but you don't see many old fat people."

It's even funnier because they spelled the celebs name wrong.

Oh yay. 🙄 I'm so important that A REAL VERFIED Celebrity is all of a sudden following little old me.

Keep your damned imposter accounts to yourselves please. And for that matter, even if you are a celeb, maybe don't just use the fediverse to market your generic crap.


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@pixelfed Is there a way to block an individual on pixelfed? Or mute them?

Just watched Season 2 of Worst Witch. Fun live action kids show, witching academy.

Wish there was a way (or that I knew the way) to change the google assistant activation phrase.

Pre-ordered a sideshowtoy collectible as an anniversary present. It won't be here in time, but I think that's okay considering how bloody expensive the things are. And the need to pre-order to reliably get one in the first place.

Time for anniversary shopping. Steel Anniversary. That says swords I think.

Just started fermenting a batch of pickles and batch of beet juice. Not sure how either of these will turn out, but I got some easy fermenter lids as a gift and wanted to give them a try.

Trying to design a gloomhaven insert. Need to pick up a couple sheets of foam core tomorrow.

After spending tonight making some mockups in blender.

I really need to move somewhere with good public transpo. What I have now is barely adequate.

Beat Pandemic Legacy. 12 wins and 1 loss. I'm a little disappointed in the way the game ends. There's a scorecard. You could in theory win every game and still get a poor score.

We got a top tier score. But I would have felt robbed after playing 12 games if we didn't gey a good story result.

Stumbled on a fabulous web comic

It's a nsfw slice of life/goofy antics style of comic. Covers a lot of LGBT* stuff in it. Highly recommend it.

Playing MTG Arena. Not sure how to feel about it. I feel so behind, as is the way of CCGs. I really don't want to dump money into it just to be a little competitive.

So far it's okay.

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