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@Mogsie @karolat @Technowix That is not what you were saying one month ago when that happened.
You've either refused to explain yourself, or you're twisting what happened into something else.

@Mogsie @Technowix @karolat That is untrue, your posts were deleted because you were rude to everyone that had replied to them.
If you didn't understand why they were deleted, you should've asked about it -- one month ago when it happened.

@karolat @zemichi @Mogsie @Technowix Having only one person do all moderation would be too slow.
Besides, all the actions we've discussed here were Technowix-approved.

@zemichi @Technowix @Mogsie @karolat We always notify the person that has their posts removed (and the person reporting, if it's relevant and possible.)
There's no need for long forewarnings because you shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place.

@karolat @Technowix @Mogsie If you didn't want me to reply, you shouldn't have tagged me.
Mogsie's posts were removed because he was being rude and spreading misinformation.

@Mogsie @karolat @Technowix There's nothing groundbreaking about moderators deleting posts that are against the instance's rules.

@Wolf480pl @miwilc It's not niu, so it's not for us to moderate.

Naked lolis are outright banned in our rules.
Not like anyone is posting them in that thread but since everyone is paranoid, here's an admin reminder I guess.

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the message scoping issue was that instead of implementing a separate endpoint for scoped messages, Eugen tacked it on an endpoint for public messages, which meant the failure state of GS instances not understanding scoping was to make private messages public. This made all existing GS instances the "bad guy" for ignoring scoping.

Another decision that made GS the bad guy was the initial resistance to separating out local from federated timelines, which led to a shitload of mastodon people thinking they were being invaded by GS people. We literally could not get out of Mastodon people's faces if we wanted to, because of Mastodon's design. Not seeing the boundaries between servers didn't change the fact that some people were just assholes, but at least separating them reduced perceived turf wars. The NIMBY effect was in part because of this too.

The last thing I'll mention is that the "new" GS servers when they showed up got into conflict with most of the existing GS servers. Those servers banned people, silenced and sandboxed users on remote instances. Once those boundaries were set, relations between the servers cooled down into a live and let live attitude. Many Mastodon servers have been far more aggressive, engaging in organized slander campaigns against servers and individuals.

This note is in response to Trev's note, which I mostly agree with and consider my perception of events above supplementary to.
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I'm glad I spent yesterday talking to my family instead of dealing with the whole FUD thing that was started

did you know that in order for blocking and other features to be relevant the thing has to actually work first? if it cannot route messages, what is the point

but I guess that implementing support for S2S blocks, which are a Mastodon extension, was the most important thing and our lack of doing so clearly demonstrates that there is some conspiracy to create tools to harass people, and I guess something about dtluna too (who never had commit access btw)

by the way, I was being harassed by somebody who considered the fact that none of that functionality had been implemented yet to be an active feature and was using it to stalk people (Karen for example), the usual players who come to flame us certainly didn't come to flame that guy. 🤔

I'm also disappointed that it was started by somebody who I previously considered to be above that sort of thing

anyway, just because Pleroma doesn't do X doesn't mean it's a plot or an intentional thing, it just means nobody has worked on it yet: Pleroma got mitigations to prevent stalking because people were using it to do just that, if the goal of the project was to create a software for "harassing people on the Fediverse" then why were mitigations put in as soon as it became a known problem?

at any rate instead of spreading FUD and having a discourse today, I suggest spending some nice time outside, at least where I am, it's pretty nice

@SarcasmKid I mean, the way it is now just encourages spamming in a way, I guess.

@SarcasmKid It should be sorted by how many people are talking, not by how many toots are spammed. (Maybe those bot-flagged accounts should be completely excluded, too)

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All links that have been removed concerning your account have been moved here

@pfigel @Technowix isn't OP the thing you noticed earlier?

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@sathariel @dtluna The definition of State doesn’t imply Massive Surveillance and/or Police State.
The rules can be broken/adapted, Justice isn’t meant to be done by robots and a Judge can make a decision that is not yet in the law, which is called jurisprudence.
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