@jeffcliff I've not been very active on niu for a long while

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What if we put Mario's head on top of Mario's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

I don't know who follows me at what accounts, but
pikachu.rocks has been down and will be down because to free space for a pleroma instance you first need to free a lot of space from an instance.
Because postgres or something.

My main is @waifu until I feel energized enough to do some stupid moving-things-around.

for those not following my kwsp account, pikachu.rocks stopped federating outgoing posts about an hour ago.

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It looks like my instance stopped federating one hour ago.

@moonman @waifu I was updating pleroma. and that meant I needed a new version of elixir.

so I got new elixir and it didnt work. it turns out I also needed to update Erlang/OTP. (Because the Elixir I updated to was built in higher version Erlang than I had.)

rin saved me

im not sure how much of my followers follow my kawen.space account ( @waifu ) but:
pikachu.rocks is down until further notice because pleroma won't start and I don't know what else to do to get it to work. I was just updating. *shrug

@cdmnky@kawen.space not really, modding niu is like a separate thing
i just got an email in my inbox so i went to fix it

took care of some reports and suspended the spammer, hopefully all is ok now

do polls work

@iceloops @Gargron Eugen maybe can't, but this instance also has mods.
you shouldn't be rude to others for no reason. Chill a little..

@ihavebigtits@kawen.space oh I'm on the wrong account now that's weird

@ihavebigtits@kawen.space I'm just going through the tl

@quad it does not
or i mean, it was running and i could barely access anything, so i tried to reboot and then it didnt come back up

i guess that ill just go to sleep

i honestly just dont wanna mess it up even more than it is

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