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time 4 crazy pasty adventure

Editor war
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For a type of conflict between Wikipedia editors, see Wikipedia:Edit war

blinus torvalds invented the blinis

@dyske yeah I have the schoolfolders configured so it said my name but i was wondering about ssh

its okay lastpass, yes there is the same password on these two uni sites, NO I DONT WANT TO OPEN "SECURITY CHALLENGE"

@MightyPork but how do i check what email is commiting until i push

i know nothing about ssh

@MightyPork i TRIED to look up if it would be so but i could not find anything
i assumed it would be but i dont wanna find out by commiting

so wait if i wanna commit as to some gits and as deadname@universi.ty to schoolgit do i want to have two different ssh keys for two different emails

do i code or do i game

@rye if my middle name is the is your first name the
first name The last name Gay species Squid

@rye im not knuckles the echidna rye