@cdmnky not really, modding niu is like a separate thing
i just got an email in my inbox so i went to fix it

took care of some reports and suspended the spammer, hopefully all is ok now

do polls work

@iceloops @Gargron Eugen maybe can't, but this instance also has mods.
you shouldn't be rude to others for no reason. Chill a little..

@ihavebigtits oh I'm on the wrong account now that's weird

@quad it does not
or i mean, it was running and i could barely access anything, so i tried to reboot and then it didnt come back up

i guess that ill just go to sleep

i honestly just dont wanna mess it up even more than it is

@quad I think I missed my chance to do that with rebooting since it then failed to start back up

@quad I guess I can try that
what will I do afterwards

@hj @marmite @karen I've already installed pleroma once, it cannot be slower the second time

@quad man, i have no idea where i would find that

@marmite i dont think i EVER connected that way

i still do not consider that running...

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