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Lili @Pasty

it's BLOCKTOBER my dear instance admins
on every day of BLOCKTOBER you permanently block one instance
here are this year's blocktober themes:
1. oppressive shitposting
2. supporting nazis
3. harassment
4. untagged nsfw
5. loli
6. pleroma
7. GNUSocial instance
8. Japanese instance
9. instance that has an inactive admin
10. instance that has an admin you don't like
11. anarchist instance
12. sjw instance
13. anti-sjw instance
14. commie instance
15. instance that has a gun owner admin
16. instanc

@pasty I'm running a GNU Social instance with Pleroma front end, and I also occasionally post anarchist/communist related things. I think I may have a large gun around somewhere, but it's an antique smoothbore and for decorative purposes only.
@pasty I like how ‘pleroma’ and ‘loli’ are close to each other.
@pasty bonus points each time you block an instance that checks off 11 or more of these themes at once ...


18. Instance hosted on nonferrous software
19. Instance uses GPL2 instead of GPL3

@cybermeow @Pasty I can’t stand people who prefer ferric software. Pet peeve from my chemistry days.