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Lili @Pasty

to people that make fun of others for not having a car or driver's license:
jokes on you for having so terrible infrastructure that is unable to provide you with reliable trains, buses or other affordable and eco-friendly means of transition

@Pasty The governments in North America were obsessed with automobiles back in ye old days, so we're only catching up now in terms of public transit.

Even now, at least here in Toronto, there's still a bunch of disagreements as to where we should go.

@pasty agreed.  the joke's on anyone who has to own a car.  what a fucking waste of money and the environment.  having a license is good to have, though.
@pasty @takeshitakenji 
>trains, buses
Those words don't go together, "late" and "mobile containers of aids and crazies" do tho.

@cyberpotato as much as people like to make fun of czech railwaves and reliability of our transportation

it is pretty well-performing

@Pasty A lot of people, especially in America, live in places where public transit infrastructure would be insanely unfeasible due to widely distributed populations. Car ownership is just a structural necessity to living so people take pride in it, their cars, etc. Like, not that it's okay to be shitty to people who can't or don't drive, but it's also sort of shitty to rag on people for lacking the amenities of cities with hugely concentrated wealth

@@Pasty Don't remind me... I used to drive a bus and now I ride the train and I genuinely wonder how SoCal hasn't imploded by now.
@pasty Ehh... none of it is properly maintained where I am. The perks of not living in a city, I guess. I keep hearing the funding isn't there. RIP. The government had one job... one job! 

@Pasty The worst invention in history was the personal car. Anything that requires you to completely redesign your cities around it, is a bad idea. The world would be better off if we had stuck to public forms of transportation.