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Karen didn't post it but she's updating

migrations are taking a while, hang on tight everyone :blobblush:

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Please boost: Imminent homelessness situation in Salem/Portland OR 

The details don't describe me, I'm asking for a friend who doesn't use fedi:


24yo transwoman in OR (salem/portland area) looking for place to live due to forced eviction happening today, currently looking for work, moving back in with family not an option, extremely urgent.


If you or anyone you know might be willing to extend a hand here, you'd be doing a good deed. Please reply or DM if you might be able to help at all.
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just wanna snuggle my gf and drink mixed drinks

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v češtině máme sedm pádu
1. aplikační
2. prezentační
3. relační
4. transportní
5. síťový
6. linkový
7. fyzický

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high school biology didn't even teach me how to tell catgirls and other animal ears girls apart

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What if we put Mario's head on top of Mario's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

I don't know who follows me at what accounts, but has been down and will be down because to free space for a pleroma instance you first need to free a lot of space from an instance.
Because postgres or something.

My main is @waifu until I feel energized enough to do some stupid moving-things-around.

for those not following my kwsp account, stopped federating outgoing posts about an hour ago.

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It looks like my instance stopped federating one hour ago.

im not sure how much of my followers follow my account ( @waifu ) but: is down until further notice because pleroma won't start and I don't know what else to do to get it to work. I was just updating. *shrug

took care of some reports and suspended the spammer, hopefully all is ok now

do polls work

i guess that ill just go to sleep

i honestly just dont wanna mess it up even more than it is

see, theres a pleroma installation guide already.............. so no problem

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