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oh yeah I also like cuddles and cofe

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don't send nudes send your social security number

how is pokemon gen 4 so aesthetic like you make a gif of wild shaymin appearing and bam you're done

my sister didn't lie that these headphones are not trash tier I don't even remember these adlibs being there

this feels so off
can I tweak this

why is the bass in my right ear and the singer in my left

Technology is amazing I've got an entire boyband to yell in my ear

o snap i have exo albums on my phone

I'm so not used to headphones it's almost embarrassing

I'm pretty sure your instance shapes your character in a way

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you: i tweeted
me, an intellectuall: I GNU Socialized
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catch me on the internet increasing my confidence

catch me in wagon 33 seat 66 my usual spot

americans: omg the anthem
czech people: don't even know the damn anthem

it's first world problems obviously but

I'm torn between "people just want to look out of the window so they ignore the reservation in this partial way" and "people are so bad at reading pictograms they don't realize the seat by the window is reserved"

meanwhile on twitter I complain about people that don't respect which seat I reserved and deliberately leave the neighboring one open instead

if the laws of physics applied to the Pokémon universe then Pikachu would emit electrons from his ears and tail not his cheeks