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☆Pasty @Pasty@niu.moe

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here on niu moe we
- watch the terminator movies
- use wechat
- :pokeball:

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oh yeah I also like cuddles and cofe

jake paulers RETOOT AND BOOST

commits to tootsuite
it's every day bro
issues poppin up
it's every day bro
it's every day bro
patreon bux
i said it's every day bro

My name is Eugen Gargron
and my network is spot-on
yes, I can rap
and no I'm not from Compton

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Listen real talk, you're all super and amazing and i believe in you frens <3

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someone buy me an nintendo switch and the new mario pls, will pay you back in hugs and possibly kisses

merch sendin to pasty like god church.

the fuck do rich people do with money

console list:
yes I'm poor

Stejně tak jako panáček, který na hodinách posouval sekundovou ručičku
se život nikdy nezastavil

It's just the way it was meant to be

the idea that life is a predetermined TV show is comforting because that means no choices you made were wrong

I'm just doing whatever seems the best option for the moment so I don't break my fragile self

you know the dark is night when even Lain is down

That's gotta be.. Season seven already.

This kinda night I feel like the Epizode 0 of Pasty Slice of Life series is starting.

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