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☆Pasty @Pasty

i sound like a straighie

the fediverse voice mafia

meanwhile my voice is garbage

I'm hype for lain's voice

you either die a hetero or live long enough to become the trap

"there's no new twitter users!"
coz everyone already has twitter

what are the hard fork benefits

did something happen to bitcoin

i feel like the worst sinner

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@6A62 ds consoles you can't close don't count as ds consoles

@6A62 @lain the glitter version costs 20€ more

i like see-through shells that let you see the parts inside it looks so cool (it also looks like the product is of low quality but thats the cost of the aesthetic)

despacito for the new nintendo 3ds

new nintendo 2ds but crystal clear transparent shell (only glitter allowed)