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ty politický trendy jsou divný
odkdy komunisti podporovali referenda

"everyone thought the race was over, american NBC ended the broadcast, then Ester Ledecká snatched the gold"

my birthday is so soon
I'm getting excited

Location met: Hoenn (after a long travel through time)

why does spotify think i wanna skip songs
binch if i put on an album i want it whole

mom theres no pause in pokemon go

The culprit's name was not released to public due to the Gratata Protection Act (GraPA)

february 2048. Pasty is campaigning to get elected as Czech president.
Unmarked envelope lands in her mailbox.
"If you don't step down from the race everyone will know you still listen to Gangnam Style"

one of my old posts just reached 50 boosts today and. damn.

is there gnusocial admin drama

"dont mind me i will just read memory address 0xffffffff once and not do anything with it."

my fortnite tried to read the memory address 0xffffffff
rip fortnite

oh fuck i kinda lost a link that i need

oh hey i should change my santa hat pic to something less christmas