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I wonder, if you took 100 Fedi users at random and calculated the amount of data they had among all of their posts, how much would it be?

Also statistics on data per account, data per post, average data per post based on whether it was just text, had pictures, had a video, etc.

I had a revelation the other day that if you really needed to get the attention of a crowd and screaming didn't work, yelling the N word is a surefire way to do it.

If it doesn't work, you're either a black person in a crowd of blacks or everyone is drugged into the fifth dimension.

I think I've figured out that the recommended way of plugging an Android app to a SQL db is by going through a web script api. So I'ma make some basic PhP and put it under one of my domains for now, to experiment. Hopefully it doesn't end up being really expensive.

Need me a chaotic horny girl that listens to metal music and likes me.

Who's your Stardew Valley crush?
Mine's Penny.

Poorly drawn animals speaking in foreign languages is a good aesthetic.

If I had a guarantee, I think I'd give up my life, even my existence, for a perfect world.
I like helping people, but only because they need someone to help them. I don't care who does.
If I could be certain that everyone I care about were taken care of sufficiently, I'd probably disappear.
Well, that probably wouldn't work, cuz I know people would miss me.
I do enjoy people, but sometimes I wonder how much attachment I really have.
How long could I handle isolation before I was desperate for a conversation? Or really, any updates on others' lives.

A divisive pain. Can't live without either, but both together are so polarizing.

I'm only accelerationist on an individual scale.
I don't mind letting people drive themselves into a ditch, metaphorically, as a way of learning what does and doesn't work for them.
I've done that to myself, so I know it's sometimes necessary.
I do my best to help people understand what they want for themselves in life, instead of the lies they tell themselves because they're convinced of things that aren't true. Most of the time, they're not really stubborn, or it's small things.
Plus I don't always know exactly what's going on in their heads. Maybe what they're doing is good for them and I don't know it. That's why I let people do as they please, and only act as a guide for them to discover what they want. The alternative is actually knowing what people are thinking and fighting them to accept it. Way too much effort, at least most of the time.

The thing about getting land for your own country is you have to at least be able to enforce your own laws. I think occasionally about "who could I just buy land from and have it all to myself, laws and all". Probably what's up is that someone has to be around to make sure there aren't just pockets of land where there is no jurisdiction.
It's also important that no one wants that land anyway. Obviously if the US government, for example, wants to use land, even if it's someone else's, they can use eminent domain to say "this is for the good of the state/country".

If it came to it though, I'm curious how much firepower the military would be willing to expend on a rebellious commune before they decided it wasn't worth retaking it.

I like those video memes where someone shows a list of words in French that sound the same and then show us a whole ass sentence that's just said "ver ver ver a ver ver ver".

Fucking dammit my TL got wiped again.
Tusky I like you, but occasionally you're a twit.

The human orgasm is the most powerful force in the world because so much has happened in the name of wanting to get laid.

Have an exam on October 5th.
It's proctored and all I have so far is "read these two chapters and take the test, it'll be worth 30% of your grade".
Kinda concerned because there's a lot of details in the first chapter and I have no idea what I'm expected to focus on.

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@Paradox Did you know Sardines are named for the Island of Sardinia in the mediterranean sea?

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@Paradox The Kanji for the word sardine are a combination of the symbols for 'Fish' and 'Weak'

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@Paradox Thank you for subscribing to Sardine facts:

Did you know sardines are a great source of Omega 3?

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I have old senns hd215 that took some beating and look like crap. But the speakers still work just fine. Is there any guide I could use for restoring them to look like new or close to that?

Honestly kinda wish I looked like my avi at times.

Finished the work sim assessment and I swear I don't think I've ever sweat when coding.
Like I coulda spent at least another half hour on that code but I ran outta time.

Didn't help that the first part I didn't properly understand the algorithm for (and I still don't know if I do but it passed most of the tests so eh).
The second part involved React JS, which I have no experience with but it's just JavaScript with some special structure to it. I was doing okay with it but yeah, ran outta time. Another half hour and I could have made it look way better. I technically passed the test I needed to pass, so maybe it'll be okay.
I get partial credit too, so hopefully they're okay with me, but I know for sure what to study if I don't. M

I feel bad for all the anime girls who are written to feel insecure about having small breasts.

Does this happen irl too?

I'm just sat here like "I think your chest is cute!"

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