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I wonder, if you took 100 Fedi users at random and calculated the amount of data they had among all of their posts, how much would it be?

Also statistics on data per account, data per post, average data per post based on whether it was just text, had pictures, had a video, etc.

An up but baking time with grandmother commences for a couple hours so it gonna be interesting. :blobcatbolb:

Disclaimer: I have no idea how animation programs work so this is either revolutionary or I just figured something out on my own with no research.

So I had an idea for an animation program where you build the model to be animated, but instead of going with it frame by frame, you make a node in a body part and make a track for it to move along, thereby simulating movement.

I am experience dissatisfaction.

Found out due date for physics homework passed two days earlier than usual and I only got a 60% on it. Also extra credit from survey ended yesterday. I hope I pass this class.

Good thing is I took care of a lab report for another class, that was due tonight.
I also made it fancy and did a web page embed + download link (the rest of my team members have just gone with a download link).
I don't want everything to be a download. Lemme view in browser, dangit.

It would be odd for the cities to be the size of countries (we're talking, like, twice the size of India). This is assuming that OPM Earth is the same size and has the same amount of land mass as ours.

Something I think about sometimes is the world of One Punch Man.
So far, across both the manga and anime (which are both at the same point now), there's just the one continent that's canon, consisting of 26 cities, City A-Z.
Are these the only cities? Maybe they're massive, so yes. Maybe they're small, and there's just a shit ton of ocean. Otherwise, there must be more than one landmass that we're not told about.

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Anyone know of a writer that'd like to work with me on a few projects? I need some help.

People looking dumb is a minefield, because either they're actually being dumb and it's awkward for them, or they're being sarcastic and you look dumb for thinking they're not.

That's one of the downsides of text-speaking. Sarcasm relies on both context and tone, the latter of which doesn't exist in text form or can only be approximated by exaggerating so much that the subtlety that sells it becomes pointless.

I dunno if this is just a thing with Tusky, but CWs only hide text. Images and videos are always visible regardless of a CW.
It's almost definitely a bug, I just don't know if Tusky is the only client that has this.

I don't understand why some websites use 144p clipart of cartoon people that look like they were drawn in the year 1990.
Can you not find something that looks good? I don't want these disproportional dads with needleheads and twelve year old girls with mouths and eyes that are just ink blots.

Those of you who used to use Tusky and don't anymore, what app do you use now?
I want a client that doesn't look like a shitty Android app and actually looks clean and has a bit of flair to it, but I also like the minimal design of Tusky.

The only time it would be a good thing to say your opinions reflect those of your employer is if you're self-employed.

Still gotta be horny on main, though.

If you're horny on main I can safely assume that your opinions do not reflect those of your employer.
Because it means you're human enough to have your own opinions and not parrot whatever your check-signers are saying.

Imagine being so repulsed by the concept of a bad word that even the word "curse" disgusts you so you have to say "cuss".

Turning off Twitter for the week has done weird things to my psyche.
I feel a bit more productive (although I'm in my finals phase so there's a bit less to do, as counterintuitive as that sounds), and I'm actually writing more of my book, which is much rarer than it should be.

That and I somehow feel even more listless because I'm not used to not feeling obligated to check on the happenings of dozens of people.

Here's another cool power idea.
It's inspired by Accelerator's Vector Manipulation.

Specifically, he manipulates spacial vectors, allowing him to control how fast things move and the direction they move in.

So, imagine the ability to control time vectors. What's that mean?
In a simple way, the user could touch something and move it backward or forward along its personal timeline. Controlling the age of things, reversing actions, etc.

Had to kill my stream early because my everything kept freezing and crashing in the middle of a day.

Every time I see people talking about Advent of Code as aoc, I think of Alexandria Ortasio-Cortez.

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Serious question time!

If I was to do my own Tenchi Muyo Inspired, Yuri Harem VN with Voice Over. Would anyone else wanna play it?

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