I haven't exactly been a regular here for very long.
I wonder what long time regulars of this site think of the social environment and policies of Mastodon.
I know that part of why it got started was so that the users wouldn't be subjected to rule by the same admins and I'm hoping/assuming that people here feel more free and comfortable on average than Twitter users do.

Added my website project to my profile metadata thing (very useful feature I like) so if any'a you lot wanna check that shit out, would be happy.

I designed it quite a while ago, but I was going for something minimalist and easy to navigate.
Not quite modern web design but also I hate modern web design because there's too much going on for no substantial reason.

I've learned that Tusky doesn't have a poll feature.

3% chance I'm wrong.

If only you could see the beauty that I see in the world.
For I truly think that you would be happier.

The hill that overlooks the promised land is difficult to climb.
But I can already smell its aroma.
Grab my hand, let's head there together.

@mrjunge Your handle is in my keyboard dictionary now, thanks for that.

Finding myself not caring much about the holiday.

Pretty much all I care about to any degree is Christmas.

Finally get a comp class that doesn't seem to focus on using C++ but now I have to work with Eclipse.


You ever have days where your brain just decides it wants nothing to do with the world and you sleep for half the day?

Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about the most scientifically plausible mechanism for magic to work in our world.

I'm going to have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science approximately this time next year yet I feel like half of everything I was supposed to remember has fallen out.

Mostly I just don't experiment with computer stuff enough because I'm a lazy fuck.

Half the reason I come on here is to check for @mrjunge being horny on main.

Got back from a long drop off trip a few hours ago.
From Friday morning to now, spend 12 hours riding in a truck.

Don't wanna be in it for a while now.

It's an old song but Imagine Dragons - Radioactive is still a massive bop for me.

And my music taste is so sporadic too, so it's not like I'd consider any other of their songs to be on my list of bops.

Apparently Snapchat's genderswap filter makes me look like a creepy mannequin, quoth my Twitter audience.

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