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I wonder, if you took 100 Fedi users at random and calculated the amount of data they had among all of their posts, how much would it be?

Also statistics on data per account, data per post, average data per post based on whether it was just text, had pictures, had a video, etc.

Ban guns and sell knives.
Long ones, about 6-12 inches.
Also clothing with metal insets, to protect from knives.
Maybe full-head helmets, too.

What's the status on the niu directory post-termination/dormancy?
That still happening?

People who play Klondike Solitaire (the classic one), do you have a preferred suit order?

I was honestly a really cringy romantic teenager and I'm 90% sure I lost a good friend because of it, and it still haunts me.

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ugh. my display manager is giving me an error.. Can't find anything on it tho, just says something about process 1284 terminated by signal 6. But idk what that is.

Camgirls: Valentine's Day is gonna be big money for me.
Melody: Surprise, motherfucker.

I boosted my Stheno last night so I'd have two assassins (along with a friend's lvl 100 Shuten) to kick rider ass in the black level.

New tip: Have at least two powerful servants of each class so that you still have an advantage if one dies.

Bad news: No chance for regrade.
Good news: It was apparently extra credit work so not much loss there.

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That moment when you fail a second coding assignment because all along you were supposed to submit stuff in zip files and it was in the syllabus.
I damn well hope my saving grace, assuming the professor lets me resubmit, is that I'm still good at code and ace the grade, because my pride can't take much more of a hit.
The program works but my confidence is not up there anymore.

One of my first internet friends was a French dude who hated America with a burning passion.

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How do you do bacon?

Later tonight I'ma post results.
Been a while since I took it.

If you like salt and vinegar anything, you're a masochist.

I think the reason I post about stuff I wanna do sometimes is because I'm hoping that in doing so I'll feel slightly more obligated to follow through on those things, especially if someone who's interested in the thing eventually asks if I ever did it.

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♥️ :bun: Positive thinking exercise :bun: ♥️

I feel like people are complaining way too much about harmful tech. It's not that it's irrelevant, but it's psychologically harmful to be negative like that all the time.

So let's do the opposite just right now:

👉 Try to think of tech project you are genuinely grateful for. 👈

:bun: :bun: :bun:

Doesn't have to be open source. Doesn't have to be something everyone would agree with.

An alternative question is: What tech project would your life have been worst without?

Just try to think hard, because sometimes, there are some great things in our lives we just stopped thinking about. We always focus on everything wrong when the best things are just taken as granted.

:bun: :bun: :bun:

How do you do bacon?

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