What's a food you like that doesn't get talked about a lot?

Feel like posting here so have a "funnel cake Baconator".
And honestly I want it.

@sjw Do you just make a new account for every instance you stumble on?

Give me a sadistic character voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto and I guarantee I'll like them.

Ages ago I spent 80 US Dollars on a book called the Codex Seraphinianus.
It was "written" and drawn by an Italian artist who wanted to replicate the feeling a young child gets when they open an encyclopedia and have no idea what anything is.
So he got himself high on mescaline and drew hundreds of pages of the most absurd art you've ever seen.
He also wrote it in a fake language, fake letters too.

Some of the best money I ever spent.

Anybody here know anything about qmk stuff?
Actually asking for a friend.
They DMed me cuz I have experience with coding but this stuff is very new to me so if I can get help with this I'd appreciate it a lot.

Always feels good when I accomplish stuff overnight.

Can I ask physics to not be a pain in the ass to evaluate?

Checking in with my pals.
How do you du?

Tried a couple different Masto clients.
New one in development called Mammut, I think.
It kept shutting down a few seconds upon launch.
Then I tried Musky.
Looked basically the same as Tusky, which is the one I use.
Apparently it's described as an "uncensored" client, so maybe it has a big difference for people who look at certain things on the Fedis?


Never thought I'd see a chain of buns in my TL.

New idea: An app where you log your emotions, such as hungry, thirsty, mad, upset, ill, etc. The app then uses this data over time to calculate your lifestyle and give you suggestions on how often to eat, hydrate, sleep, relax, etc, in an effort to help you regulate your physical and mental well being.
It would also offer basic encouragement and advice to motivate you. I thought about this when I said to myself, "A lot of things would be better if people would chill the fuck out."

Need a presentation for a social problem and how to solve it with software, for a class.
Initially I thought about a browser extension that would force you to use only the top 10,000 most common words, in any given social site.
However, I think that may be too simplistic, plus we have to make it marketable, and it's tough marketing a browser plugin.

Update: I found a unistd header file in my Cygwin folder that did the trick.

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