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I wonder, if you took 100 Fedi users at random and calculated the amount of data they had among all of their posts, how much would it be?

Also statistics on data per account, data per post, average data per post based on whether it was just text, had pictures, had a video, etc.

How do I cook a really good hot dog without using a grill?

I see the word "spitroast" and I'm hard at 7AM.

Life is good. XD

Suruga Kanbaru literally has the perfect female body.

Not to mention that gate sounds like geit, and train does the same thing. Should be trein.
But the former is just because English words have this rule where if it ends in 'e', the preceding vowel gets treated different. Gat would rhyme with cat, but say cate/kate, it rhymes with gate.

Same goes for same/sam, game/gam (I think that means mouth?), blame/blam, fate/fat, abate/a bat, gale/gal...

English words with similar spellings and different pronunciations would probably be solved if we used vowels with accent marks.

We have at least three different ways of saying 'a'.
Cat, father, gate. All say that letter differently.

With the exception of Ebola and AIDS, I found that basically every single pandemic with a significant death count in the last several decades have come from China, or an area near China.

Also worth noting that it seems all of these involved a strain of the flu or something akin to the flu (such as the current covid19).
Just some interesting relations I took note of.

My TL here is equal parts horny, cute, and software geekery.
With a sprinkling of politics.

One of these days my revulsion to coffee is gonna come in handy.

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Also can I turn off all boosts from people?
Tusky gives me that feature.
Fedilab has a shit ton of features, which I like, so it'd be cool if it had these few qol things I use.

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Tried out Fedilab.
Why are the posts so fucking huge.
Can I adjust the post height and width?

Inner conflict of desires and word choice 

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Inner conflict of desires and word choice 

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Inner conflict of desires and word choice 

Holy shit Stellar changed their avi. :o

One of the characters in my story is Jozu Minga.
She's Japanese, lives in France, loves fine art and ducks. Doesn't give a shit about much else. She has a dead look and tortures/kills people whenever they annoy her, never breaking that bored, maybe even slightly disappointed look.
She has a maid named Josephine Sampson who has intense love for her and she's really strong and does everything in her power to aid her master.

Sometimes I wonder how much you could get away with being nude in your own home if the room in question had a lot of windows.
My exhibitionism kink asking these questions honestly.

This isn't me making jabs at anyone, I just find it amusing how different my technology consumption habits are compared to most people here.

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