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Hey lovely trans communities:

When we talk about transness, please remember that when we act like there's a single trans(feminine/masculine) experience, we are erasing people. When we talk about transness but only talk about *transition* we are erasing people.

Hello followers you are currently enrolled in the Azure Premium plan. In order to stay enrolled please ship twenty (20) pets to me immediately

mfw one of my friends buys a 100$ copy of windows 10

Online team based competitive game where there is a Red team and a Blue team

The program detects if your running an Intel (blue) or AMD (red) processor and puts you on that team

Then u fight it out

@backwardsflow You could just stream your own stuff. You don't even have to talk or have dj equipment.
@snowdusk_ knows all about it and can help you get started on sdf.org.

Fedi, help me out here. I'm a trans woman making synthpop for an audience of maybe ten people. Anyone know of any cool trans or lgbtq-focused netlabels or promotion/distribution groups that should be on my radar?
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Sony eMarker (2000)

This was a device made that let you find out what songs you liked when you listened to a radio station by pressing a button.

This was done in a cutely simple way - the device is just a timestamp, and when you upload the timestamps to a computer, the software references them against the national database for radio songs (because stations had them anyway for the sake of royalties).

(image 2 source: bricklin.com/emarker.htm)

here have another one, people were being Rude so i decided to make some UnRude thing

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