Bad day at work and an even worse one coming the day after tomorrow

...anyone wanna hire a cat?

Good morning!
Well I had a very good 6 days off work, where I managed to not even leave the house
It was a glorious time, but today

Today I must work

Lum's face when she realizes modern anime fans only watch airing shows

I guess that is one thing you could call a drink vending machine

No one asked for it, but here it is
Nintendo console tierlist

Old anime looks so good~

You know maybe I should have invested in a 4:3 monitor with how much I watch tehe

Here is the Lum of great outfits

If you reply "lookin good lum" you'll be blessed with good fashion sense for the next 30 days

Just accidentally had a 2 hour nap while watching youtube nice

Me, waking up knowing I have to be at work for 9 hours today

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