@roka @ocean22 
> where is NetBSD? 
A: On a toaster!

If with Arch I am supposed not to have a life, BSD is faaaaar beyond the image frame.

@gergely You see Kali?
That is where Gentoo should be

@Ocean22 yeah, Ubuntu to Windows, swap Kali with Gentoo/Void (because cmon, it's Debian with HACKING STUFF) and it will be purrfect

@eladhen I used Mint for about a year and honestly I wouldn't really rec it.

I've been looking at Manjaro lately tho, maybe I'd add that

Well, I've switched to Linux with Mint 3 years ago, and although I do my share of checking out other distros, my production machines stay firmly with Mint. But YMMV and all that.

And honestly — I love Debian as a magnificent human endeavor, and other than mint I probably clocked the most hours on it, but out-of-the-box it's lacking...

[Whispering] I don't recognise logos what is everything after "Do you have a life"?

@1stPersonTooter You should install GNU/Linux bb

Anyways starting with the Blue one that looks like a mountain:

Arch Linux
Kali (Don't look this one up, trust me, really don't do it you'll be put on a list)
LFS / Linux From Scratch

@sathariel I've always maintained that Void was for DEEP MEMERS

@Ocean22 Apple should be "do you have money and know shit about technology or didn't care?"

@emmeci They could make it even funnier with "Does your daddy pay for your starbucks"

@Sir_Boops @Ocean22 There needs to be a couple more branches off of 'no life' for that.


Too much free time?

Need a space heater?

(and I use Gentoo on my main desktop <3)

@Ocean22 moved from arch to fedora when I got a job and had less time to tinker, lol. Accurate

ReactOS is a really interesting Windows-compatible OS. (It's still in development, though)


@Ocean22 I'm running Ubuntu but with i3 as wm, do I have a life or nah?

@joop It's right in the middle of having a life and not

@pasqui023 @Ocean22 @Sir_Boops Aww cmon. I spend only *half* my life rebasing my custom patches on #Nixpkgs. (The other half I actually use to play #factorio)

@erictapen @Ocean22 @Sir_Boops
#Nixos is #Gentoo for shitty laptops with moore hard hisk than cpu

And I say that admiring nixos

@pasqui023 @Ocean22 @Sir_Boops That's a nice way to put it (I accidentaly do have a shitty laptop with a comparably large SSD)

@Ocean22 This made me laugh, although
- My daddy is not rich
- I do not fear technology
- I have a life

@Ocean22 shouldn't windows go under the the fear technology-yes branch?

@swiley You would think that, but then you have to remember that windows doesn't even have a software repository, you have to disable alll sorts of malicious features of the OS to even use it, and that makes the install take like 2 hours

@Ocean22 Not solid at all: if you have to use this decision tree, then you’re likely not aware of the name behind each of these logos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Ocean22 btw i use chrome os and arch...i don't know what i am then

@koyu I heard they were adding a terminal to chromeOS

@Ocean22 they got an ssh client for chrome os, so i'm pretty confident, that this will hapen, too

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