Ah yes, the two operating systems

@Ocean22 Hello citizen! This post has been flagged as containing terrorist propaganda. A Microsoft technician has been dispatched to your location for routine maintenance. Please remain calm. Have a nice day!

@denza252 @Ocean22 or musl+sbase/Linux musl+busybox/Linux or any other sane option

@Ocean22 but local starbucks is like the most expensive thing I can think of... 10 bucks cofe

@fence And the sad thing is that their coffee isn't even that good

@fence Dunkin donuts does my favorite coffee. That being said, tea 4ever

@Ocean22 I dunno... I only get not really good donuts from then every few months

@fence Their coffee is better than starbucks I promise u, it just doesn't come with the fancy logo and nice cup

@Ocean22 I don't really think that starbucks has a fancy logo 🤔

@Ocean22 its okay for the price you would pay in other countries if you would earn the amount of cash you would earn here

@Ocean22 the only good operating system is Commodore BASIC

@ocean22 Nobody here cares unless it's unlicensed, then there will be problems!

@ScriptFanix Two actually, android and wincrap10 with whatever GNU/Linux components M$ used for it's open-washing


@ScriptFanix @Ocean22 You guys *do* know the NSA actually used to be the original creator of the #selinux feature and apparently still at least seems to host the selinux mailing list? ;)

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