Now a proud owner of one of these guys!
Gonna use it with my thinkpad~

Oh shit I should say that @esheep was the one that recommended this keyboard to me

@Ocean22 Noice d( ̄ー ̄ )
So, how did the thing with the switches work out?

@Ocean22 My rice is amazing!
Give it a lick~

Ahem. Sorry. Gonna do that now :3

> pretending to be cool for having the most mainstream boring tech

jk ily Ocean and IBM made nice keyboards :p

@Ocean22 if I'm gonna buy a new keyboard I don't think I'd buy a brand new IBM. There are many good if not better competitors even in the mainstream gaming industry. I love IBM's feel on old, "well tested" keyboards but new keyboards are just ok-ish, "standard".

@_HellPie No no, it's the same as the 80's ones, they are even made with the same equipment

I have one and it's the best keyboard I've never typed on lel

@ivesen Does it say "I'm out of touch" loud enough, that is what I was going for.

I figured not having USB, being plugged into a 90's riced thinkpad, and being that color did

@Ocean22 the pgup/pgdown is in such a weird place... I don't think I could use such keyboard comfortably...

@Wolf480pl Toggling it is super easy~

I lovee the numpad, so I use it a lot OwO

@Ocean22 I love using numpad for typing long numbers, and for + and *, but I think toggling numlock to use pgup/pgdown would be both annoying (if I forget to toggle it) and slow (3 keypresses instead of one).

@Ocean22 scientific studies show that reading Safety and Comfort guide does not reduce risk of serious injuries to hands, wrists and other joints. Scientists currently debate if _following_ the guide does reduce the risk or not.

@hj The safety and comfort guide is a warm catgirl that snuggles you so you don't type for a while

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