You walk into starbucks, you find a macbook air user, you walk over to his table, and SLAM this down on it, and get to work

@Ocean22 replace the shitty lcd screen with an old portable pvm crt and than it would be even better

@NHG For even more absurdity, you also have a keyboard plugged in, but it's an 80's Model M with an ATX plug, so you have a ATX to PS/2 converter, and then a PS/2 to USB converter

@KrGingerich And yeah, my guess is that it's running a pi

@Ocean22 pretty cool! I have a few pi's that I like to do python stuff, for midi interfaces.

@technomancy Ooh, thanks.

I've seen neat stuff from this site before. Too bad they don't (seem) to have an RSS feed.


Ahhh it comes back across my dash, changed. Lightened. Hello, sweet prince, I missed you.

@bob @ocean22 man if that cyberdeck were any older chummer it'd be in a retirementy home

@Ocean22 You wouldn't have had room to slam this down in the last Starbucks I went to.

The last time I was in a Starbucks two weeks ago, there were, honest to god, *13* Macbooks amongst the people there.

It was not a large Starbucks.

This was not a big city. (Though it was a college town.)

It looked to be all college kids, but still. I guess it might have something to do with the feelings of *needing* to fit in at that age, but this was still amazing.

@mdm The Macbook brand thrives among that social class. The college kid demographic. I'm not trying to be insulting or anything, it's just what is popular.

It's social signaling.

@Ocean22 It's amazing. When I saw it, I wasn't revolted or anything, but I was just *fascinated*.

Now that I think about it, I helped sell whatever old Macbook that basically every single one of my college friends had, when they decided to get rid of it, about 3-4 years after graduation. Apparently this trend has been around for a while.

@Ocean22 @mdm clearly. Here at uni like 50% of people have a macbook air.

@Ocean22 @mdm Tbh macOS is way better than windows.

But still Lunix is 14 galaxy ahead of both

@Ocean22 I got my first MacBook in college because of the discount and suddenly having money to get something expensive…and social signaling, too, lol.

But I really do love Mac OS.

@tleydxdy @Ocean22 Definitely I’ve had that happen and it’s a bummer.

@Ghost @Ocean22 it still happens? I was having it back in middle school.

@tleydxdy @Ocean22 It’s a lot better now but it still does happen sometimes. It got really bad in the install of Leopard and has kind of improved since.

@Ghost @Ocean22 looks like my theory of Apple not having code review and testing is still holding up.

@tleydxdy @Ghost

They are a really shit company so it's to be expected.

@Ocean22 @tleydxdy That does look very nice. I spun up Mint on a VM that I’m getting my feet with now but maybe when it’s slow I’ll give this a try.

@Ocean22 that is AWESOME. i recognized the case, but then saw the keyboard, haha. nice

@Ocean22 My only complaint is "win" key. It's not a "win" key, goddamnit.


If you are calling it a "win" key you certainly aren't a "winner" ;3

You should see what my super keys look like, I have the post of my keyboard pinned ;3

@Ocean22 That's what I'm talking about.
Although, for my taste, a simple "Super" would suffice.


Unicomp makes "super" "Hyper" and "Meta" keys for the Model M, but I kinda just liked the tux more heheh.

@Ocean22 This looks really great. I assume Raspi with display and stuff?

@Ocean22 I feel that something like this should have an e-ink screen for that extra text only low powerdness.

@Ocean22 I always wondered if Gibson chose the name ono-sendai at random or whether he meant something by "Sendai Axe".

@ayy Imagine having a GPU than can handle color

@Ocean22 you could have fit a p-series thinkpad and so much extra cooling and batteries in there. And a mechanical keyboard.

@Ocean22 the real test of your decking skill is reading text on that tiny screen

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