Idea: A website where the 404 page just instantly redirects to a random page on the site, in the hopes that it was the one you were looking for That would confuse the user more 😇
We usually place search boxes there so they can try looking for whatever they are looking for, if available.

@Ocean22 Bonus points if you manage to destroy the universe if the redirect was wrong.


The 404 page can also redirect AGAIN to the 404 page because it's also counted as a page on the site, if this happens 404 times in a row (very very rare) you'll get a shiny version of the next page you get after the last 404

@Ocean22 this is the innovation we need in computing!!!!

@Ocean22 sounds crazy but maybe funny. I actually plan on adding games to all my 404 pages of future websites

@Ocean22 but it also shows a warning, and there's also ability to rate redirection, and RNG is actually a neural net.

@Ocean22 better yet, as we are talking neural nets now, it should predict what content user wants to see, and returns it instead of 404. We will have to find a lot of people navigating to 404 page in search of some content, but in the end the site will be endless!

@Ocean22 what about for people who came to the website from a search engine?

Clearly those people should be sent to some random website somewhere on the internet.

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