So Fennekin won the title of the Fediverse's favorite Gen VI starter Pokemon!
No surprise to me, y'all are a bunch of fucking furries

Anyways it's time for the big Final! Sun and Moon starters! We'll be skipping on the Generation VIII starters until after the games have been out for a while~

Who is your favorite Gen VII starter Fedi friends?
It's Popplio, right? :3

@Ocean22 I can't choose Wisely, I can only choose Rowlet, Litten or Popplio.

@esheep Ah so I see you've picked Eevee as your starter!

@Ocean22 i love popplio. my lil princess. even if he is a boy. He's still my princess. He's a special boy. I think I named him Naiad or something among those lines. Maybe not naiad. Oh geez I can't remember what I named him.

@GoldPeaPuffer I actually got a female one

My cherished and beloved favorite Pokemon of all time is Sylveon though, and mine is male~

@Ocean22 he sounds like a precious cutie. My fav was this sunkern I was overly attatched to.
@Ocean22 wait fam u backed up froakie for gen 8 right????
Chespin although an oshuwatt clone. Had a sweet evolved form so I can't get to mad at that.
But I think we all can agree. That if u picked fennekin. u r basic af. u r pumpkin spice latte scented candles wii tennis basic.

@GoldPeaPuffer I actually played though X like three times with all the starters and I love them allll
I can't pick!
Pokemon X may just be my favorite one

@Ocean22 i got Y for bacon death god. And I fuckin loved kalos. It was the best game for me. Absolutely adored pokemon amie. I fed my pokemon all the pokepuffs! Wore all the clothes! It was truly. An excellent experience. My favorite game in the series.


I kinda regret moving my Sylveon and my other Pokemon to Sun and Moon because in retrospect it seems like there was more fun stuff to do with them in X

I'm hoping Sword and Shied are comfy

@Ocean22 I was dissappointed in sun & moon. Kahlos brought so much to the table and Sun and Moon seemed almost like a down grade. Pokepuffs seem so much better than frickin poke beans. Like scuze me. We go from elegant adorable pokemon pastries. TO BEANS. Also the clothes was downgraded too. I did like Lily tho. She and nebby were cute af. Only side characters I have felt genuine affection before besides the edgy rival in heart gold.

@GoldPeaPuffer I think Sun and Moon really got the story right
I loved the story more than any other Pokemon game, the characters were way better written than all the other games too! But idk I just miss Kalos uwu

@Ocean22 "y'all are a bunch of fucking furries" says the catgirl who is always swooning over catgirls.

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