SOMETIMES i watch YOUTUBE for FUN, but I get TIRED of seeing stupid SHIT like THIS

@Ocean22 The title that is

The woman living in the small house so she can travel, that is cool
@Ocean @Ocean22 very revolutionary…
Basically mobile home but smol.
And like is being a woman even relevant in it?

@lanodan @Ocean

Nah her gender doesn't really matter, but I think grammatically with this sentence structure it makes sense to include it as a subject

@Ocean22 @Ocean Yeah, which is why I wondered if it was relevant because you don’t really address someone only by their gender… unless you’re kind of a dick.

@lanodan @Ocean

Yeah but they are trying to grab eyes and including a full name as the first two words of their title is gonna get them a lot less than 9 mil clicks

@lanodan @Ocean

Living in a tiny house and traveling the country: she does it, you could too!
My title

@JonQuan @Ocean @lanodan You can actually see the truck she is using to tow it right behind the house to the right

@Ocean22 @Ocean @lanodan ah ok I see. There's this kid in my class that legit wants to live in a van. Like that would awful. And he wants to do it with two other people. That would be torture
@lanodan @Ocean22 @Ocean A person's sex is always relevant, we just have to think for a bit to understand why!
For instance in this case we think. Why don't she live with her parents if she is always on the go? Is she told for that. Or is she only traveling occasionally? Is she traveling alone or with a boyfriend, or her friends? Can she fit a boyfriend in there? Maybe he has a tiny house of his own? Can she have a family there? Is she postponing childbirth to see more of the world? When she gets tired of travel will she upsize? Will the equity she didn't build be a problem?
@lanodan @Ocean22 @Ocean Travel+tiny house lifestyle is at odds with family making and especially so for women who have fewer years of youth.

@lanodan @ayy

Also uhhh
Women live longer than men, statistically

@Ocean22 I'm aware. I said fewer years of youth, not fewer years total :)
@lanodan When talking about lifestyles it is natural to think about how they fit in with family making. Not ever woman will have a family, and if that's a requirement for the lifestyle that's an interesting point to bring up.
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