im curious... I totally understand why trans people want to be called certain pronouns like "he / she" and for people of other sexuality to be called by a singular "they" ... but whats the point of all the other pronouns like zim or zir??

(once again, im genuinely just curious)

@prydt Because they're either attention whores or ligitimately mentally ill and believe there's more than a "Binary Gender Normative". It existed before Tumblr, but Tumblr popularized it. According to them, there are over 200 genders and growing. This mental illness is where we get things like Xir and Zir. I recall seeing "Xir" before this happened. It was on an ERP server, and the character was a hermaphrodite.

@se7en @prydt

Spicy take: Gender is irrelevant and it doesn't matter what gender you are because it has no real bearing on your character and it's unimportant in basically everything other than an emergency medical situation

@se7en @prydt Anyways this is why I just let people use whatever the fuck pronoun they want for me, because they are ultimately meaningless because gender doesn't fuckin matter

@ocean22 @prydt Interesting take, never considered that particualr side.

@Ocean22 @se7en it doesnt but i just dont understand why pronouns are that important either... my biggest problem with those weird lovecraftian-sounding pronouns is that they are honestly just hard to remember and super inconvenient

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