Video game companies: We scam users with microtransactions for the smallest shit lol, we are the worst

Windows 10 dev team: "Hold my beer"

@Ocean22 omg thats insane. vlc does that shit for free. its like mob holdup


@Steven_Vervaecke Imagine paying money for an operating system that has mictotransactions!
God I'm so happy I don't use windows lol

@Ocean22 Lol im on W10 atm. but thats about the only commercial software i use. i got libreoffice, FF and thunderbird on it :p

@Steven_Vervaecke I'm living the Debian 9.6 dream
Also still have my christmas wallpaper don't judge me

@Steven_Vervaecke I'm at 99.99% only free software!
The only proprietary thing I'm using is my GPU firmware
They'll have that fixed in Debian 10 Buster WHICH IS COMING IN A FEW MONTHS VERY HYPE

@Ocean22 That WP is awesome! I am thinking of rebuilding my entire laptop. put Mint on it with a W10 skin, and run my current instalation in virtualbox. But thats a major operation to do, and i currently dont have the time to do that :p

@Steven_Vervaecke You must have a pretty beefy laptop if you can run windows in a VM !!

@Ocean22 yes its pretty beefy :) a very recent i7, geforce 950m and a good m.2 ssd.

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