@Ocean22 better than getting "suki yo" repeating in my head for hours

@cdmnky The OP I'm on now is a real fucking JAMMER

@cdmnky I can't seem to find a good copy of this on youtube
The video on this one is perfect, but the audio is a little fucky

@cdmnky There just isn't a good upload of it on youtube, I may do it myself one day lol

@TurboMoist It's really lame, trust me you don't wanna use it

@TurboMoist It doesn't give you good results like this either, I faked this lol

@TurboMoist Oh wow, I looked yours up and look at what it gave me!

@Ocean22 genuinely thought it was gonna say "moist boy" or something but this is way better

@Ocean22 @TurboMoist That can be done pretty easily in JS in about 10 minutes anyway.

@Ocean22 Woa what's this ? I'd love to give it a try ~ :blobcatmelt:

@Ocean22 Too bad I thought it was a funny website or something

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