Video game companies: We scam users with microtransactions for the smallest shit lol, we are the worst

Windows 10 dev team: "Hold my beer"

@Alumina Or the even better option! Ditching windows 10 :3

@Ocean22 True. But people are just lazy.

I'm so lazy, I haven't even upgraded to 10


@Alumina We can help you upgrade to Ubuntu when 2020 comes!

@Ocean22 Or I could pirate windows 10 LTS build. I love and understand Linux but I'm too lazy to work around it.

What's the benefit of LTS? I thought it still had a lot of telemetry, despite the double-back from M$.. (Also, Win7 is only win)

@coy I don't use it yet but it comes without the app store, cortana and all the pre-installed junk. Only receives security updates etc.

You can block the telemetry via the host file and not worry about it.

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