Video game companies: We scam users with microtransactions for the smallest shit lol, we are the worst

Windows 10 dev team: "Hold my beer"

@ocean22 microsoft: i can give licenses to every school and government agency in the first world, but a standard video license? eehhhhhhh nah

@Alumina Or the even better option! Ditching windows 10 :3

@Ocean22 True. But people are just lazy.

I'm so lazy, I haven't even upgraded to 10

@Alumina We can help you upgrade to Ubuntu when 2020 comes!

@Ocean22 Or I could pirate windows 10 LTS build. I love and understand Linux but I'm too lazy to work around it.

What's the benefit of LTS? I thought it still had a lot of telemetry, despite the double-back from M$.. (Also, Win7 is only win)

@coy I don't use it yet but it comes without the app store, cortana and all the pre-installed junk. Only receives security updates etc.

You can block the telemetry via the host file and not worry about it.

@Ocean22 Back when I still used W10, I decided to just use VLC for everything. Windows' default video/music player sucks anyways

@Ocean22 They gotta cover those license fees for including the decoder. So they pass it on to the consumer. Or you could use VLC, which includes hundreds of potentially patent encumbered codecs. None of which they have to license, because they are a French company, and France does not recognize software patents.

@Raimu Hehe I'm so happy my OS doesn't have any microtransactions

@Ocean22 I do not know why this old thread reappeared on my timeline but I'll take the occasion to correct myself. The free one is the one preinstalled on PC where the manufacturer paid the fee.
The main problem is how stingy Microsoft is to not pay for the codec in a freaking $100 operating system

@Ocean22 WTF! Another shitty thing I didn't even know existed because I use vlc.

@ayy I use VLC and MPV on Debian and I can confidently confirm there are no microtransactions

@Ocean22 I feel like I live in a bubble where I don't even know how bad normal people have it tbh it's a bit concerning to me.
@Ocean22 79p for a fucking codec nah i’ll buy a can of coke instead

@louisoft01 79p I can save up to get a flash drive so I can install a real OS

@Ocean22 lol this looks like an actual scam.

Like all these "you need to install a player to view this video" scams that actually install malware on your computer.

Are people really not yet conditioned to avoid such popups like fire?

@Ocean22 omg thats insane. vlc does that shit for free. its like mob holdup

@Steven_Vervaecke Imagine paying money for an operating system that has mictotransactions!
God I'm so happy I don't use windows lol

@Ocean22 Lol im on W10 atm. but thats about the only commercial software i use. i got libreoffice, FF and thunderbird on it :p

@Steven_Vervaecke I'm living the Debian 9.6 dream
Also still have my christmas wallpaper don't judge me

@Steven_Vervaecke I'm at 99.99% only free software!
The only proprietary thing I'm using is my GPU firmware
They'll have that fixed in Debian 10 Buster WHICH IS COMING IN A FEW MONTHS VERY HYPE

@Ocean22 That WP is awesome! I am thinking of rebuilding my entire laptop. put Mint on it with a W10 skin, and run my current instalation in virtualbox. But thats a major operation to do, and i currently dont have the time to do that :p

@Steven_Vervaecke You must have a pretty beefy laptop if you can run windows in a VM !!

@Ocean22 yes its pretty beefy :) a very recent i7, geforce 950m and a good m.2 ssd.

@marmite Yes this is really seriously actually real

>paying for video codecs in 2019
What shit is that. Seems like shit Microsoft would pull
@Ocean22 Could be worse. How about $10-20 for a terminal that doesn't suck?
@Ocean22 MPEG-LA, Velos Media and HEVC Advance have a hand here tho

@mangeurdenuage Agreed, I can't see why anyone would still use this shit

@Ocean22 Or "literally spit out my beer" upon seeing this. ^^;;

ANd echoing someone above: yes, VLC rules. XD

@Wanderingfool The glory of Free software!
I'm so glad I don't use NSA10

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