> Weird ass hands

Ah, this is why HP’s keyboards are shit.

@lanodan I was thinking they were that way after getting bent out of shape from all the emacs shortcuts

@Ocean22 I only used it during an OS class I had like a year ago or so. I thought it was weird that it was a way to make files and also a debugger.

@Bonfam It has Tetris in it too, and an IRC client, and Telnet and a web browser

@Bonfam idk if you are joking or not, but yes you can actually do that in emacs

@Bonfam Yeah it's really powerful software. You can easily edit everything about it because it's all in elisp too. TELL EM @esheep

@Ocean22 @Bonfam

Yeah, you've got all kinds of ways to make it happen. I mean, there's a video editor made in elisp, so why not an image editor?


@Ocean22 @Bonfam

I learn a lot from these fun little tech appreciation threads :blobcat:

@bald_godzilla @esheep @Bonfam

Hehe I'm glad my shitposting can be of at least some use

@Ocean22 @bald_godzilla @esheep I did not know lisp could do shit like this. I knew it was powerful, but wow!

@Bonfam @Ocean22 @bald_godzilla

I mean, it's Turing-complete, so you can do theoretically anything, just like most other programming languages :3

@esheep @Ocean22 @bald_godzilla while true, I didn't know it had the capability to communicate with the os to make stuff like a video editor (I'm assuming a window pops up at some point).

@inawarminister I'm more comfy with the emacs commands I don't know any vi

@Ocean22 those are the hands of an emacs user, built for 100% coverage at all times

I believe this cartoon means "Don't type with mangled fingers"

@Ocean22 My friends told me "Don't buy HP computers.". Perhaps they knew that I use Emacs.
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