tbh we should totally have a Fedi Game Night and play OpenArena
We could host our own server or just use the already existing ones

Minetest or something would also be cool.
It'd be so fun, come on guys pleaseeeeeeeee

@louisoft01 That sounds good!
Pretty much any time is good for me, I figure a Sunday would probably be the safest bet.

@Ocean22 I work sundays but timezones mean I can still do it

@ilovecomputers Hehe I can help you set up Ubuntu or Elementary OS and get your computer safe~

@Ocean22 anyways, I’m trying to say is I can happily join you guys :P

@ilovecomputers Open Arena is on the repo of almost every OS I've tried!

@ilovecomputers Well I do have a mumble server with my friends, but that'd be far to embarassing for me, so I'll just stick to text chat

@Ocean22 >minetest

holy FUCK i remember that! i need to download that and see how the development is going! openarena is also cool

@zTG It's a little forgotten sadly, but it's still fun and I think we could have a lot of fun playing it

@Ocean22 maybe i can try hosting a temp server and we can see how good the ping it

i'll need to research on how to host a server again lmao

@zTG We could also just use an existing one but yeah

@Ocean22 does Minetest have good monsters or a good monster plugin?
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