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With the power of youtube tutorials I made a dice animation! (it was mostly the tutorial)
It's not vewy good but pls bare with this catgirl, thank u
My poor FX-6300..

And yet another day of the catgirl's "go to sleep sooner" campaign
It's that time already!
Goodnight friends~

I do a shit-ton of Lum posting, but the Truth is: Ran is my favorite.

Urusei Yatsura invented the ipod in 1984

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>Shortly before beginning the GNU Project, I heard about the Free University Compiler Kit, also known as VUCK.

Crisis averted
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mastodon PMs are entirely ruined now
Thankfully I still have email OwO

Can you believe it's time for the catgirl to sleep?
Goodnight friends, we'll play again tomorrow~!

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It's been down for an hour, this is actually going to make news.
Like google stock is going to be down
This is gonna be a date the world will remember
Someone get started on the wikipedia article

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I don't think I've ever seen youtube down for this long before in my 10 years of using it
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@Epsiloco Don't worry I downloaded the hits, we still have Niutube

Youtube is down, that means the world is literally ending

Tried: Mastodon
Wired: Massive Dong

Would you look at that!
It's the rare before Chinese food-deskpic~!
This time with Debian!

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No one talks about it, but youtube comments are the weirdest comments

Hello and good morning sweet fedi friends~

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