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With the power of youtube tutorials I made a dice animation! (it was mostly the tutorial)
It's not vewy good but pls bare with this catgirl, thank u
My poor FX-6300..

The day off has ended and now I must sleep
Currently praying to the catgirl gods that I have a very Mew Mew Dream!

And I hope you guys have great days too~


AssCreed is ""free"" because of the Notre Dame fire

A terrible thing happened, and now Ubisoft is punishing you by giving you a terrible game

Enjoy fuckers

I have today off work, but I'm sick

Anyways good morn everynyan out there

It's a beautiful spring day
(but I can't enjoy it, I have to go to work)

I'm just going to kill all the grass on my lawn and then spray paint the dirt green

Try and stop me

Good morning everyone!
Today I am sick, but I'm going to try to have a good day at home regardless!!!

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So Fennekin won the title of the Fediverse's favorite Gen VI starter Pokemon!
No surprise to me, y'all are a bunch of fucking furries

Anyways it's time for the big Final! Sun and Moon starters! We'll be skipping on the Generation VIII starters until after the games have been out for a while~

Who is your favorite Gen VII starter Fedi friends?
It's Popplio, right? :3

Falling asleep while using Fedi
You know what that means
vewy big tired
Goodnight friends, see you tomorrow!



The time has come for sleeps!
Tomorrow I'm going out into the REAL WORLD
Very scary stuff
please wish me luck and Mew Mew Magic!

Goodnight everyone!!!

SOMETIMES i watch YOUTUBE for FUN, but I get TIRED of seeing stupid SHIT like THIS

The time for a sleep is here
Goodnight my friends, I'll see you for a short time tomorrow morn!
Please have a very mew mew magical day!

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