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With the power of youtube tutorials I made a dice animation! (it was mostly the tutorial)
It's not vewy good but pls bare with this catgirl, thank u
My poor FX-6300..

>a pc guy's perspective
As if a laptop isn't a PC or something

I used to play my 3DS all the time in this one high school class, and there was this sweet girl who would hang out with me and sometimes watch whatever I was playing
I have no fucking idea why, but I jokingly called the 3DS the "xblocks" with my friends, so I called it that around her too

Anyways years later I'm at college and I'm playing a game with someone and she comes over to hang out with us
she said "Oh he has a xblocks too"

I felt so much guilt

She was a very wholesome and sweet girl

Good morning my friends!
I have to work today sadly uguu

Tomorrow I have to work again, so it's gonna be 0/10
It was a good 4 days off tho

Goodnight my friends, we'll hang out for a short time tomorrow morning~

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I'm calling Nintendo to complain about how Hakurei Reimu isn't in smash
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@Ocean how could anything be as good as the NINTENDO WII, which is THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE
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@cdmnky @karen

Yo new fedi peeps, why not join ChoccNet

We've got:

The spirit of free software

This one dude named slayer89 who posts pictures of his erect cock every day at exactly 4 pm


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It's sleep time again my friends, don't worry though, we'll have fun tomorrow too!!!!!


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Bootleg Megumin has joined the Brawl

Can you believe it's already sleeps time
I had a pretty good day today huhuhu
I hope you've all been well too!!


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