40th anniversary of ST:TMP, aka starship beauty shots

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So illmango's posted a video that's just riding SciCraft piston bolts. No commentary, no re-rides, cuts to remove any time not in a bolt. It's over an hour long.

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Support nature,
power armor all the remaining big cats

For no good reason I command you all to image search javelinas on roombas

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" two helium atoms walk into a bar

he he :) "

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Honestly, text based adventures deserve more innovation and development as a genre.

It's not outdated so much as it is not properly utilized. Books aren't outdated just because movies exist, and text based adventures aren't outdated just because graphical adventures exist.

#gaming #gamedev

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#OpenBSD and #Ansible question !

How do you manage packages installation (with the Ansible package module) when there are multiple version of a specific package (let's say, vim) ?

Everytime I deploy new OpenBSD firewalls, I have to enforce the wanted version of many packages in an items list, which is very painful :flan_heck:

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"you're Hitler if you don't care about literally every bad thing happening" is unironically the worst and most harmful leftist take

everybody has their own limited amount of emotional bandwidth, you are literally inflicting harm on someone if you tell them they have to overdraft their emotional bandwidth constantly to be a good person
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I'm really tempted. I miss battletech, and a fresh box with what looks to be much better plastics than previous ones (looking at the 6th box set disaster) would be nice.

MW5 was supposed to bring stompy robot sim back. Now it's another Epic Fail product.

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** The Princess' Dragon - a serial tweetstory written last night.

(My apologies, Mastodon. I could have copied the tweets here while I was writing this live last night, but I don't think there is the same culture of writing long chains of toots offer an extended period of time here as on the birdsite.)

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Saw someone talking about a markup language for RPGs, can't remember who. I found this?


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