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What's scarrier than a lock room full of angry Narns?

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The demon appeared in the summoning circle.
"Cool!" one of the astronauts said.
"We have summoned you," the other said, "to carry a message to Earth."
The demon glared at them. "Where. Am. I."
"In orbit. Tell Ground Control we are okay, but the solar storm killed our radios."
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The dollmaker gave her face and hands of exquisite porcelain.
"You'll care for me," he said.
"Ny fingers cannot vend." She spoke softly through rigid lips.
"You're mean 'bend'? Force them."
"They will vreak."
"I order you."
She was never found; most parts of him were.
#Cassoland #MicroFiction

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Beware the beautiful victims beneath the ice, draped in fine silks and jewels, swept along by the current.

Beware following them to the center of the lake, axe, club or hammer in hand, to bravely rescue them.

Because too late you'll discern beneath the silks a bright scaled tail, and the hint of blue on their lips is natural to them.

The hacked ice is weak, and their grip is strong, so beware the beautiful victims beneath the ice.

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Gate was actually better than wish in 3.5, because you could use it to summon a geenie who could give you a lamp that gave you three wishes. The first two wishes can be whatever, and the last can be for another lamp of wishing. It was (and in many ways still is in 5e) the best spell in D&D.
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Well I think I will choose ghost, thanks for all your suggestions.

Now I need to embed events/calendars, in a easy way, but having a separated website isn't a big issue.
Self hosting is really something I care about.

And no, I don't want to host calendars or stuff like that, I just want an easy to look at calendar "widget" where (when identified) people can add event to it, like "birthday of Patrick".

Boost appreciated (since the first post is kinda obscure)

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@Notsonoble imagine having a nose spray called "Burn yo ass" and it's literally jalapeno water

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Fedi, I'm seeking a blog system that isn't WordPress, store its stuff in markdown files, and is really easy for newbs

I also need to embed an easily editable calendar of events, self hosted.

Ty, boost appreciated.

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It was 2 am, and I was struck by the most indisputable case of The Munchies.

I needed... Nachos.
Nachos was my singular goal.

I was so intent, so focused, on my goal, and so familiar with the route, that I was at the corner store without registering the distance nor time it had taken.

It wasn't until I got home, still shoveling corn chips into my face, that it hit me - the store had burned down a week ago.

...The heck was I eating?!

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