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Feels weird to be in the waiting room at the doctor's office all alone.

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@wakarimasen Here's a very Kokoro Vibration-esque track you might've missed out on, it even has light vocal chops! Pardon the upload quality though.

Walked a lot today and my legs hurt.

Is there a youtube-dl equivalent for mangas?

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4chan, NSFW 

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In what dimension am I?

A girl asked if she could come over so that I... install Linux on her laptop.


It's kinda interesting to see someone restore older machinery.

YouTube recommended one of his videos and I've been watching more of them sever since.

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Despite this, 55% of the people who voted so far recommended Pleroma.

Ah, kinda forgot Pleroma doesn't support polls yet. Don't worry, I'll look at replies as well.

Thinking about running my own Fediverse server again. Which software do you recommend?

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Back when the GNU project was starting, among the first things they rewrote as Free Software were:
- text editor / IDE (Emacs)
- assembler, linker, and compiler
- make

IOW, they made tools that they needed to further develop Free Software without relying on proprietary tools.

They wanted their project to be self-hosting.

Nowadays, we have more free software than ever, but we develop it using github and Discord...

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ok updated commission info!

Won't do:
-Furries (I mean I could try if someone really wants but I don't really know how to draw them lol)
-Complex backgrounds

DM or reply if you're interested! I'll send a sketch once it's done for approval b4 continuing. Remember to let me know anything specific you want like pose, colors, outfit, etc. or I will just figure it out myself!

Paypal only! also maybe cashapp idk yet lol

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Making my software decisions based on dragons:

clang: ✔️ has a dragon
gcc: ❌ no dragon
kde plasma: ✔️ has a dragon
gnome: ❌ no dragon
wireguard: ✔️ has a dragon
openvpn: ❌ no dragon
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