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Kinda frustrating that I can't do anything about it for several hours

This isn't he first time this happened, this happens like every couple of months. This is just silly.

again decided to not work all of the sudden and the home internet is down again. Posting this over mobile data with about 100 mb left

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More followbots should follow this guy as an example of what they should do.
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@dax it depends on whether you mentioned your timezone or not I guess

isn't it strange went back online around the same time got problems?

@dd86k isn't there those amazon prime phones?

which is kinda funny since they're only $50 cheaper than the ad-free version and you need a Prime membership to buy the version with ads.

@mike literally you can do absolutely nothing but set your profile pic and Twitter will lock your account.

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I know it really shouldn't be something I care about but seeing people delete their fediverse accounts pains me a little.

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If you wrote a new, public Python library a year ago and you didn't make it python3 compatible, FUCK YOU

tfw they still haven't marged my PR to update their production guide to Ubuntu 18.04/NodeJS 8.x