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Feels nice to not have to wait forever to download Linux ISOs

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@jakebe Not just Twitter, but everywhere else as well.

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Nginx is pronounced:

@thomas Nice seeing more XMPP clients support OMEMO! :ablobcool:

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@Normandy We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells.

I just realised something:

Programmers are basically magicians in the eyes of normal people.

@mrjunge I just kinda wish we just weren't so dependent on one source for like everything.

@march that I agree with.

I'm trying to keep stuff archived in case nowadays

We did have places disappear like batoto and nyaa, but now we have new places to get that stuff.

Worth pointing out that there are multiple places to get your "needs".

@kurisu someone's gonna take up that slack in no time, just a matter of who

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