[insert rant about 10 bit h264 encodes here]

Tfw you didn't transcode enough episodes for your phone

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@Ocean Mine is almost a decade old at this point.

@Ocean22 ddr4 being expensive is the real killer for me.

@Ocean22 If I had the money today, I would probably go with Ryzen tbh.

@Ocean22 Yeah. Sadly, they aren't pushing microcode updates to mitigate this for my CPU (though they did push ones for the i7 860 and the like).

Still holds up pretty well today, even with modern web browsers and games (with a recent GPU).

@eskuero @Trento The more "technical" explanation is that most Wayland servers use GBM as part of their rendering backend, which is supported by pretty much everyone except Nvidia. They use an incompatible API called EGLStreams instead.

Here's the Sway dev's take on it: drewdevault.com/2017/10/26/Fuc

@eskuero glad I went with the red team when I upgraded my GPU last year

@Ocean22 they weren't exactly reliable from the start anyways so 🤷

Seeing x265 encodes take half an hour on 720p clips reminds me of how old my processor is.

@moonman @loli worth noting that disabling Adblock also disables Adblock on yt embeds

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:drake_dislike: Linus Tech Tips
:drake_dislike: Linus Torvalds Tech Tips
:drake_like: Greg Tech Tips

everyone forgets about Greg

@luckyp3616 I didn't, I just found this on a Discord server.

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