Curious as to where the niu folks are moving to.

I have a bunch of alts but I'm still not sure which I want to start making my main.

@Normandy i've been more and more inactive here so i don't notice people leaving qwq

@zTG it's more of the sever being shut down in March next year.

@mewmew @Normandy seriously just contribute to the list ive been maintaining for this specific purpose
@wowaname @Normandy that's what I usually send to people, but it doesn't have some of the instances that I'd recommend :blobcatdunno:
@mewmew which is why i said "contribute to the list"

holy shit
@mewmew i dont seek out instances to add, i dont have that kind of time. the problem is that nobody bothers to contact me to add their own instance
@wowaname ah, I understand better now. If I get the information from them (and their consent), you'll add them?
@mewmew yes, and of course if they fit in with the list (which i assume your recs already do)

I'm consideting either or

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