Thinking about running my own Fediverse server again. Which software do you recommend?

Ah, kinda forgot Pleroma doesn't support polls yet. Don't worry, I'll look at replies as well.

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Despite this, 55% of the people who voted so far recommended Pleroma.

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@Normandy pleroma because the devs are pretty competent. Mastodon is flouridated, misskey is alright probably if you speak japanese lol
@kurisu @normandy The japs are making their own Masto alternative too? But they are like his largest user demographic!
@Normandy Depends on what you want to accomplish. Misskey is clearly the "go bananas with features" project. Polls, lists, even calendar. Written in some absurd language nobody ever heard about. Pleroma is a little sick with the featuritis too, but it's not cancer (yet): the only useless feature it has is chat. It's the leanest for single-user instances on cheap VMs. And Mastodon, well... Gargon fighting imaginary nazis in his own mind and everyone else is alone for the ride. Better learn to trust Mongo!
@Normandy Mastodon is for trannies and faggots, and Misskey is for contrarian autists.

Pleroma is the only valid choice.
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