@thatbrickster guess it's time to enjoy it while it's still here

@normandy It has been 18 years, why would they fix/break it now?

@thatbrickster I just kinda have that feeling that it may happen soon

@thatbrickster @Normandy because they move fast, refactor things, rewrite them in Rust, and accidentally break things 0.01% users use.

@wolf480pl Mozilla have been known to leave things unfixed for years. Some of their oldest bug reports are over a decade old like this one is.


@thatbrickster @Normandy yeah I'm just being pessimistic:
If you want the bug to be fixed, it'll remain unfixed for ages.
If you don't want it to be fixed, someone will fix it accidentally without realizing.

@Normandy Animated favicons have been around since 1999.

Anyway, you might find this fun: p01.org/defender_of_the_favico

@noriko Chromium does not animate favicons, FYI

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