Matrix does have the same problem that Mastodon did a while back where most users were on one server. Doesn't look good when the "main" server is down for any reason.

@Normandy that the server software itself is kind of a nightmare doesn't help

@lain also the lack of viable alternative implementations

@Normandy Matrix has many other problems. I've heard that joining a big room from a self-hosted homeserver effectively gets your homeserver DDoSed.

Bonus points if you quickly change your homeserver's domain to point to somebody else.

@Wolf480pl the lack of a sane implementation really hurts it in the long run. Synapse is just bad software.

@Normandy yeah, but the DDoS thing sounds like sth at protocol level, which any implementation has to do. Though I haven't read the spec to verify it myself. Guess I should do it before I continue spreading these claim.

@Wolf480pl That could very well be the case; I've yet to real the protocol spec myself.

That said, the main implementation has well known issues that many homeserver operators and even the Matrix team themselves acknowledge. They do have a Go reimplementation in the works though it isn't quite ready yet.

@Wolf480pl the protocol itself might be unstable as I've read stories that many alternative implementations were almost ready to go but then a new feature was added or a feature was changed that pushed progress back

@Normandy sounds like WHATWG, Rust, and other "living standards"...

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