users: How good is the T430s? I've found some that seem to be well within what I can afford to spend.

@normandy It's a damn good laptop. I think it comes in both a discrete GPU option and an option with just the iGPU.

@thatbrickster @Normandy Yup, it does. I have a T430S in the closet, which I purchased because it was the lightest Thinkpad that could still contain an Nvidia GPU.

@rizele I have a T530 which was bigger than I expected coming from a T420 but in a way it fits well. I probably would have gone with a T430s if I had the option though.


@Normandy T430s is generally considered OK. 6-row keyboard is meh, but it's still a decent keyboard, and it has proper trackpoint and trackpad buttons.
You should in general avoid ones that have Nvidia graphics. If possible, try to find the 1600x900 screen, but that might put it out of your price range. None of the screens in Thinkpads of this era were great.

Memory is user-upgradable to 16GB and SSD is easy to add later if you get a model with less ram or an HDD now.

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