FB decided to randomly lock me out of my account so I cannot even talk to my group members

Asked me for my phone number and a picture of myself.

pretty much acts exactly like twitter did when I made a new account.

I'm now officially on the Silicon Valley watchlist I guess.

I don't want to reveal everything to the world. Is this too much to ask?

@normandy fuck that lmao

My aunt never had one and at the last family gathering my sister tried to help her sign up and it required a phone number, picture, and I think and address.

Then she had to wait two days for her account to be "verified by a person"

I guess they are trying to prune accounts not identifiyable to profit on

@dielan I wonder if it's because I didn't use a photo of myself as my profile pic.

@normandy thats definitely why. Especially if you have no photos or yourself otherwise but even if you did they would still try this.

Its a scam. They are only doing this to profile you better so the data they farm from you is more valuable.

@dielan If I ever had to make a FB account for anything form now on, I'll absolutely refuse.

Let's just hope FB dies or at least lose relevance before that happens.

@normandy only since last year was it finally socially acceptable to not have a facebook. Get in that hype train and ride it out!

@dielan I only really made a Facebook account because it was what my group wanted to use to collaborate on an assignment. Before that I was FB-free for six years.

@dielan and I fully intend to delete that account when I have the opportunity to do so.

@espectalll I swear I really need to start de-Googling myself already.

@Normandy I wish I could but uhh

- Youtube
- Android
- Can't tell how many accounts I have associated with my Gmail

@espectalll same here. I'm basically all in the Google ecosystem and I honestly don't really know a good way out of it.

@sampo @Normandy
- I actually want to upload videos and comment (while I can't just federate videos)
- either that or iOS lol, I'm not feeling like switching to Sailfish OS either
- again, I don't even know if I can stop using it

@espectalll @Normandy
- ah well, I'm actually a little bit short on ideas on this one tbh. there are some alternative sites and software available for hosting videos, but if you really want to comment on youtube stuff then it kinda sucks
- I use a nokia phone that run KaiOS, it's very nice in my experience
- I self host my email

@sampo @Normandy - people are not moving away from Youtube yet, indeed
- KaiOS is absolute garbage for my intended purposes, also they made Firefox OS proprietary
- I also "self host" (with a friend) my email

@sampo @espectalll @Normandy The last 2 I avoid easily but YouTube is very hard to not use honestly
@marmite @espectalll @Normandy well yeah I kinda cheated on that one myself, I watch youtube videos every now and then but I do it with mpv or invidious
@sampo @espectalll @Normandy yeah i use mpv loads for that it's actually way nicer lol
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