Anyone interested in a Mastodon/Pleroma client for the desktop?

Kinda thinking of writing one in Qt (not sure about the implementation language tho)

I have a few implementation languages in mind:
- Python 3.x - already familiar with the syntax, just need to know how to use PyQt5/PySide2
- C++ - do have some understand of it based on experience with C, but may want to look into what featurs of "modern" C++ to use
- Rust - kinda want to give it a try

Should I go with the sidebar for the different timelines as shown or should I go with tabs?

@orekix Yeah I'm not the biggest fan of Election, which is why I'm using Qt.

@fence @hj @orekix As much as I like C, the GTK project has shown to me that it's not that great to write GUIs in.

@Normandy I'd use something that's more lightweight than a web browser with my dinosaur laptop.

@Normandy I've just started writing one this week. It will probably turn out to be vapourware, but, if it helps, I'm using GTK+.

@josemanuel Mind linkng the source code if you decide to make it public? I might give it a look.

@Normandy Sure. Once (and if) I have something worth showing, I will. As I said, I just started working on it a couple of days ago.

@Normandy oh that delicious Qt5, that amazing Breeze (though i prefer Breeze Dark)
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