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Norm @Normandy

OS X isn't bad, but I've been too used to the way Windows and Linux does keybindings and the associated desktop paradigm to be able to comfortably switch.

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@d9867eb @Bowoski god this sounds like a repeat of pea's shitty argument

it doesnt matter if you use proprietary software, stop treating rms as a god
@wowaname @Bowoski rms is not my god, I dislike him very much. I like permissive licenses such as the Simplified BSD License and the MIT License more than his crap GPL License. But I try to use open source software as much as possible whenever I can and I encourage others to do the same.
@d9867eb @Bowoski i use foss whenever its better than proprietary software. i wont compromise if the foss version of something is shit

@wowaname @d9867eb I agree, foss is sometimes "not as good" as good ol' proprietary.

I wish everything was OpenSource but now it's not the case, maybe one day everything will but right now there's no use in hating something just because it's proprietary.