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@Technowix @thog can you see if you can fix the avatar for @normandy?

@Normandy @Technowix @normandy I cannot really do anything in the moderation part.... Can you try editing your profile or rechange your image to repropagate an AP activity? It's not supposed to break like that, everything seems right on your side but maybe we didn't received the activity...? idk

@eal @Normandy @Technowix @thog Everything I've used should be under 2 MB. Also other mastodon instances like see it fine

@hj @Normandy our server aren't happily exchanging pp

@Technowix @Normandy pp is stored in bb. question still stands, as i don't understand
@Technowix @Normandy idk, all i can say that images for some reason don't have mime type, they are downloaded as BIN when i try to open them in browser...

@hj @Technowix for some reason can read the image properly so idk what's happening

@Normandy @Technowix try reuploading avatar and background image via pleromafe, and make sure they have extension.

@Normandy @hj wat, didn't even did a thing on my side yet

@Technowix @hj looks like it's an issue with the profile banner

@Normandy @hj you think masto fetch in batch and... wasn't happy with the banner so they forgot the avatar at the same time ?

@Technowix @Normandy mastodon DOES fetch banner and avatar in same function, and if either fails (too big, wrong format etc) then it gives up entirely.

@Technowix @hj the strange thing is that some masto instances accepted it fine which meant something changed between versions

@Normandy @Technowix yeah i think the code for federating them got changed at some time, at least i noticed it was different when i was searching what masto limits are.

@hj @Technowix gotta love when a supposed "bugfix" release changed a lot of feature stuff

@Normandy @Technowix my theory that upload via client doesn't save the mime-type nor extension so when mastodon tries to get it it doesn't understand that it's an image.