@lain is there a way to mark a notification as "read" via the twitterapi? I might try hacking in this so that notifications can finally be fixed.

@Normandy the problem is that the notifications in pleromafe aren't real notifications, they are generated client-side from the incoming messages.

best way to fix it would probably be to use the mastodon notifications api for pleroma instances. we tried going with the qvitter notifications api, but that has problems, too. cc @shpuld @eal
@lain @normandy @eal qvitter api should work but no one has just done it, bigger problems are design related with how to handle read notifications etc

@eal @lain @shpuld there's an endpoint called 'mark_all_as_seen' that isn't implemented yet.

@normandy @lain @eal probably not even relevant for pleroma because tracking seen notifications is a mess
@normandy @lain @eal I think it already exists? it's just frontend work
@lain @normandy @eal it's just front-end work but it's a lot of front-end work
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