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Android Studio is the one program I use where 8 GB feels too small.

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Still waiting on KDE to fix up Baloo and Akondai. It's otherwise a pretty nice experience.


Forgot to install the mesa vaapi drivers but after that it's working pretty well.

Kinda got tired of the GNOME stutter, so I've decided to jump to KDE Neon at least for now (could put Arch back on but too lazy)

Suddenly got sick today. Really not feeling productive at all.

Dunno why I bother reading the Phoronix forums. It's basically hell there.

Gnome is pretty good if not for the performance issues IMO.

Can't wait for 3.32.

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Literally saw a bendy bus with no passengers stop by

Aptitude: the package manager that recommends you to install Gentoo

v2 - add things that I didn't add in v1
v3 - add reference to link (with wrong name tho)
v4 - same as v3 since I amended wrong commit
v5 - rebased and got it right

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