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Normandy @Normandy

@awg @Pasty @roka @takeshitakenji Thirded.

I like the diversity of opinions here on the Fediverse, especially compared to the filter bubbles of Facebook and Twitter.

@awg @eal I highly suggest Memories of Phantasm. Its pretty good imo.

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Any other Mastodon instance admins having problems following/getting notices from If you've fixed it, let me know.

@Efi @Elizafox It's more of a way to avoid spelling out the entire word, as it's pretty long.

@mayoneeds I hear it's because of some sort of server issue. Seems to affect quite a bit of people on other instances as well.

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@dt There's a lot of Precure yuri fanart for some reason.

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@therealmatthartley Twidere seems to be the best Mastodon mobile client atm.

@therealmatthartley *The list of people you follow, I meant.

@therealmatthartley You can export you follower list and import that to your new account.

@lnxw48a1 @fl0wn @theru Does he have an email or an XMPP handle?

@eal @shpuld Fortune will be there even after a nuclear apocalypse.

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1950: the future is going to be so exciting
2017: i cant tell if this is a person not being serious at all or if thats a computer spamming random words