[insert rant about 10 bit h264 encodes here]

Tfw you didn't transcode enough episodes for your phone

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Still holds up pretty well today, even with modern web browsers and games (with a recent GPU).

Seeing x265 encodes take half an hour on 720p clips reminds me of how old my processor is.

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:drake_dislike: Linus Tech Tips
:drake_dislike: Linus Torvalds Tech Tips
:drake_like: Greg Tech Tips

everyone forgets about Greg

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Why do people call me. It's the future. Send an email, send a text, fucking toot @ me I don't care. Just don't make me talk on the phone.

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Apparently Crunchyroll fucked up the licensing of Index for English-speaking countries. Of course I would laugh at CR but it's also shows how fucked up license restrictions are. You move two meters out of your country and sorry, you can't watch most of the things you paid for.

Also pretty annoyed that Wine hasn't fixed the skyrim hang on quit bug

Seems every time I force kill Skyrim, it ends up borking up PulseAudio and I have to restart to fix my sound

Is it worth marathoning through Index S1 and S2?

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(This is supposedly the i9 9900k packaging)

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