I think I really need to set up my own email server.

Or I could go for a paid email service, but it would have to be one that doesn't try to get in the way of anything that's beyond "normal" usage.

Apparently hotmail doesn't like git send-email...

Really wanted to use ed25519 for my new PGP key but sadly some sites don't like it.

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Apparently my laptop decided to have a kernel panic all of a sudden

Neovim is great except for the default colour scheme.

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anyway this is what made me think about 02/ditf in the first place

Needs to support Google Cast (or whatever Android uses to mirror to a TV)

Anyone know of an AirServer alternative that works under Linux?

(I do want to switch to bcachefs in the future tho)

Finally set up snapshots on my strange btrfs/bcachefs setup.

What's nice is that there's a package that makes Pacman take snapshots when I install or update packages

Unfortunately I did lose my post about the new phone :blobsad:

Speaking of the blog, I've now added a link to the RSS feed so you can now follow it in an RSS reader.

I'm gonna need to figure out how to add rel="me" to my blog at some point.

Somehow I managed to make my fonts look a lot better.

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