Lo and behold, a system update fixed it

Updating Dolphin to see if it still remains

It seems to be fine on my laptop with a similar config, but not on the desktop

Anyone got any idea how to get KDE to copy files over MTP without complaining that it couldn't read them?

Just noticed one of my alts has an Index pic and another one has a Biribiri pic

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Someone literally posted a pic about their teletype emulator right when I posted my ed toot.

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@usdcollector ed is a line editor made back when teletypewriters were the standard way to interact with computers.

If you thought the syntax was counterintuitive, then so did Bill Joy (remember him?). This pretty much inspired the creation of ex, the basis of what would become vi.

Pic from Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teletype

I was late for an exam and I have a meeting coming up in an hour so I'm just wasting time talking about arcane editors on the Fediverse

Also I noticed that the ADM-3A keyboard conveniently has the arrows on the hjkl keys, which would explain why vi uses it as the movement keys.

I'll be honest I almost never use those, instead I use the actual arrow keys like any sane person would.

I'm still mostly a vim user tho since I like the minimalist look and feel of it.

Compare this to the keyboard used in the early days of Emacs:

Objectively speaking, Emacs is much better suited for modern keyboards than vi(m) is.

The real reason why vi (and by extension vim) uses the esc key is apparently because the keyboard Bill Joy used to write it had the Esc key where the Tab key is on modern keyboards.


Looks like gmail was totally fine with it. Still probably best to self-host long-term.

I think I really need to set up my own email server.

Or I could go for a paid email service, but it would have to be one that doesn't try to get in the way of anything that's beyond "normal" usage.

Apparently hotmail doesn't like git send-email...

Really wanted to use ed25519 for my new PGP key but sadly some sites don't like it.

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