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No way am I gonna pay for an app that has ads in it.

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Also I've yet to add comments to my blog. Still not sure if I want to have them though...

Not sure if it warrants a blog post, but in case anyone wants to fix how LibreOffice looks in Breeze Dark:

(The theme only makes the brevity of the post more apparent)

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If anyone's wondering: go to Tools > Options > Views > Icon style > select "Breeze dark"

The only reason I don't use the dark Breeze theme on KDE often is because Libreoffice doesn't have dark theme icons for some strange reason.

Anyone else pronounce JSON as "Jason"?

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why are anime avatars such a great indicator that a person is smart and attractive?
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>be me
>someone gives me an old macbook pro to repair, and if i succeed i can keep it
>manages to fix it
>wipes HDD and install Linux on it

That's how everyone should use their macbook.

Still undecided on whether to roll for Astolfo and Amakusa, or just hold off until Jalter...

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Been a while since I last played osu

I'm actually quite undecided on whether to roll on the Amakusa banner or not...

In any case, good night.

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There is no comparable swagger to the guy with a cat-hat or as the French say it: chat

Why does Windows still rely on file extensions to detect file types?