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yikes, every time i've seen the year 2014 pop up somewhere in the past week or so i've been like "that's only 3 years ago, so close!" but i just realised nope, it's 5 years ago. wtf time!!!

looking for a reliable, and ideally somewhat leftish, pixelfed instance! any recommendations?

im obsessed with this phone and how advanced it looks for its time (1999) while still looking dated

lol I accidentally moved tusky to a systemapps folder I never open and only today I realized that I haven't been on mastodon in like 3 months :blobcatpeek:

Added "The Terror" (1963), you can watch it here:

A 19th Century French officer is lost and tries to ask a mysterious woman for help.

Low-key horror starring a young Jack Nicholson and an old Boris Karloff, directed by Roger Corman.

#TheTerror #JackNicholson #BorisKarloff #RogerCorman #Horror #Film #Movies #1960s

the ghandi glitch in civ 

Question for Masto artists/animators 

Question for Masto artists/animators 

Haruki Murakami Day: Stream Seven Hours of Mixes Collecting All the Jazz, Classical & Classic American Pop Music from His Novels

Roman History. Stabbing. 

Asked on scuttlebutt, but I'll ask here too: If there was a group that gave grants of $1,000 every month to different #solarpunk projects, what would be some efforts that you'd nominate?

me: i'm a good programmer
also me: i have kilall, killlall, killalll, killlallll, killal, and kilal aliased to killall because i can't type

β€œIt’s about doing the one little thing you can do, even if it’s useless: planting seeds in the midst of the apocalypse, spitting on a wildfire, bailing out the ocean with a bucket. Individual action is almost always pointless. Hope and strength comes from our bonds with each other, from the actions we take as a community, holding hands in the dark.”

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