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hey guys if you see stuff report it esp rn because we were all occupied like All evening and it seems like we missed some shit

if people misgender me im just gonnna misgender them and their pets and see how they like it

hey πŸ‘ guys πŸ‘ its πŸ‘ my πŸ‘ birthday πŸ‘ can πŸ‘ i πŸ‘ get πŸ‘ some πŸ‘ boosts πŸ‘

bc i forgot to: make sure to take any meds u need to take !

as soon as you change your avatar you are a completely different person to me

*gets poisoned* can i keep this? the poison? like, are you gonna want it back?

-giggles cutely- -8reaks your fucking window with a 8ase8all 8at-

H-hewwo? Mistew Obama? Awe mew dewe? Hewp me, pwease!!!! Mistew Obama pwease hewp me!!!!

Rat rat rat rat rat rat rat rat rat rAT ZONE

man, the meme language the kids are coming up with these days is so good. I love words like yeet and cronch. keep up the good work

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