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L-l-l-ewd! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
Ah, no, nevermind XD

Ok, Nemo just went full retard. It had a sensitive marker and Nemo just chose to show it XD

lol She's like, "No! You can't make me go! I wanna stay beneath the desk where it's safe!"

tfw your "oppressive" country has more liberal and human-friendly net neutrality laws than "Land of the Free" the US.

Ah, i ought to eat today... Despite being lazy... _TT

What shocked me the most if the amount of teenage girls exchanging Cola caps for prizes. Teenage girls, the creatures that are on (at least) 3 separate diets at any given time and count amount of calories in the air they breath.
They were exchanging Cola caps for shitty "women's" watches that require at least 20L of Cola in caps to get. HOW?!

Hmm, 6" screen instead of 5.5" one on Note 4, same resolution, same size of the battery (with bigger screen), same CPU...
Oh, and thinner bezels (like existing thin bezels on Note 4 are not inconvenient enough).
Welp, skip.

Ah, the light snowfall at night... Winter is so beautiful.
Honestly, i don't get weirdos who love summer.

Oh, Co-Optional with Cry? Nice, he's one of my favourite guest hosts

For the reference - everything else is discounted by about 10% (including PS4 itself), PS VR - 50%. lol

Ah. Ahaha. AHAHAHA!!
Welp, shows how much PS VR worth XD

I wanna go home and play games

Tired. Standing in line for half an hour was too much

Aww shit, dog!
A Rick and Morty short!

I just stared into the void and it winked back o.o