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Welp, my stomach is upset. Fantastic. Guess i better go to sleep and hope it goes away by morning...

Spent ~$12 and got 7 games i wanted on Steam sale.
Or i could've subscribed to Humble monthly and get 8 games out of which 2 i already own, 1 i find actively disgusting, 1 kinda want and 4 i don't care in the slightest.
What an amazing value proposition!

I want to go under a comfy blanket too...

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Ah, Viscera Cleanup is so relaxing...

Hell, we had a seamless metal fence in the entirety of city center couple years ago. Why "had"? Most of it was removed as useless as people just climbed over it and crossed wherever they wanted. Climbed over >1m tall metal fence

Who is to blame? Why, government, of course! For not putting enough obstacles in the way of people who want to break law THAT IS THERE TO PROTECT THEIR OWN HEALTH.

For a normal person either law or common sense would be enough deterrent not to cross the road there. For a moron - a fence out of 1m high concrete blocks would do the job. But not for Russians. Oh, no. Turns out, there were small gaps between blocks, enough to just barely squeeze through. Which that woman did, before being promptly ran over.

What sparked the discussion were my coworkers blaming the government for the imbecile who got ran over that morning.
Obviously, she was crossing illegally. In a place where people get run over constantly. Seeing that, city administration put a fence out of concrete blocks along the road to prevent people from crossing

Basically, the reason i asked that "weird" question was the discussion we had at work day or two ago (hence my "fuck this country and people here" mood recently).