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Oh, shit.
It's not hot anymore!
You know what that means??

Ah, finally it's normal autumn temperature :3
I might start to wear long sleeved shirts soon ❤

@NekoiNemo people who never played TES 1-3 and Fallout 1-2 and think that the newer ones are better should be sent to prison

Honestly, people who never played TES 1-3 and Fallout 1-2 SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED to talk about those series's, only about individual games they played.

/me whenever i have to listen to something with no practice

on September 27 all posts on Mastodon can start only with "date a girl that"

Date a girl that can strangle you with her tail 😍

say Yes to weebshit; say No to webshit.

... Fuck, i'm starting to think like a Linux user...

I only transferred Elona saves from usb stick and back 1 time and i'm already tired. Script time!

This bastard weights less than me?!

Oniichan from Tenshi no 3P is great. He has 6 loli and one same age on his hands and manages to make them all happy :3