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it's also funny how these depend on the speaker, not the subjects. A neko will say everynyan even when talking about humans.

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Humans: Everybody
Nekos: Everynyan
Ponies: Everypony
Furries: Everyfurs????

What about wooden IKEA TREBENT chopsticks, do you need to remove those?

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I find it incredible that after all these months of microwaving stuff myself, I still have not made the mistake of microwaving a spoon or a fork.

resolution: there are no issues, everyone can use bun :bun:

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@nosleep :bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun::bun:
Epidemiologists and data scientists have projected the coronavirus infection rates and hospital capacities in different states based on different courses of action.

The Guardian Opinion: "The coronavirus crisis will pass, but life may never be ‘normal’ again"

Fascinating perspective about the crisis. Even when the coronavirus is "solved", the way it will affect us and our habits in the long term will be profound.

We are at a point where we are questioning all of our daily life habits. Some changes will stick. Even if life becomes "normal" again, it won't be the same "normal" we were used to.

@NekoSock why have the government own the companies when the companies can own the government :blobcatthinksmart:

Is there a name for a sort of communo-capitalistic government, which owns all companies and means of production, but NOT in order to abolish social classes, rather the opposite, in order to maximise profit.

it would rely on trading and consumerism, like a giant private company owning an entire country.

Because that's essentially Nook Inc. is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And if such a socioeconomic order doesn't have a name, then that's really fascinating.

(Not saying it would be a good thing but err, it seems to be going well for the Animal Crossing world.)

It's in critical times like those that I have never been more thankful of the fact that we have The Guardian.

When things are moving so fast, everyone should have equal access to quality trustworthy journalism. Without paywalls.

We can be really grateful that such an important newspaper like The Guardian is both entirely independent, free from commercial and political bias, but also available to all at no cost.

It seems the best things in life really are often free.

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