@Stellar but with no us propaganda, there will only be I propaganda :ablobcatbongo:

@Mitsu ever watched "Is the order a rabbit?"?

It's a comfy anime about bunnies and warm drinks.

sent a friend request to Karl Marx, we'll see if he answers

gender-neutrality is when you emit no more gender than you consume

@artemirl yeah, I really think it's worth it! And it's very exciting because Proton are working on a calendar app, in beta, and on a fully encrypted cloud storage, in the future. Although I prefer Mullvad over ProtonVPN, but the file storage looks very promising.

@artemirl In ProtonMail's defence, anonymous services are very often abused by spambots and such since it is very difficult to check the mail they send, this is why they restricted IMAP and the amount of outgoing mail for free accounts since it would make spamming much easier

Please note that IMAP is not end-to-end encrypted (without PGP), so to deal with that, you have to run a local server that bridges ProtonMail's API to IMAP.

Although personally, I find the online interface to be really good (I use the beta), better than any client I know of.

I pay for ProtonMail Plus, and I highly recommend it, the Plus version also has unlimited folders and filter, which is incredibly useful, I have a lot of filters to sort incoming mail. You can also use custom domains!

ProtonMail supports plus addresses, where you type address+alias@example.com, and it will just treat it like address@example.com so you can apply filters on it!

So for instance, Google may send mail coming from a lot of domains, but they all go to an email with +google at the end so they all go into a Google folder. protonmail.com/support/knowled

The Bun Activity Theorem says that the more buns you have in a given area, the harder it is to contain them into said area :bun:

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