oh yeah I forgot to mention back when I went through some of the new IKEA stuff, they're also selling a Cajón now, in the FREKVENS collection. That's a fucking IKEA music instrument.

@esheep had a lot to clean up, I was trying to make sugar wax but failed in a very destructive way x_x

source code, or as I like to call it, non-binary software

it will spontaneously blow up and almost give you a heart attack

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okay you cannot put a glass container over a fire I just learned it the hard way

"non-English speaker"? Wouldn't it make more sense to say "English non-speaker"?

@Paradox fortunately, the driver is apparently not in danger as it was too brief. However, this made the handling of the case less efficient because they couldn't follow formal procedure.

So essentially, the message is "no harm, but don't ever do it again"

@kura we're all a little pit part of ultra baka cirno :ablobcatbongo:

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