@papush @Miaourt (actually ~4MB of JS is taken by my browser extensions aaa)

@papush @Miaourt if you take a memory snapshot, only about 96 MB is even used directly. The rest is browser overhead.

The strings don"t take a few kB, for me, they take 8 MiB, which is a lot, because to display all this information, 26 MiB of memory is used by the DOM, that's the elements on the page and such.

There's also 30 MiB taken by raw data such as objects and array buffers.

Only 15 MiB is taken by the parsed scripts. That doesn't mean they have 15 MiB of code, because there is parsing and browser optimisations and all of that.

So my point is that most of the memory used is used to store all the data and not for stupid things like scripts or images. There isn't much they could do about it.

@papush @Miaourt Also really, is 146 MB so much? It kinda makes sense given the amount of decrypted information that needs to be shown at once

@papush @Miaourt if you'd use a mail client, you'd certainly use as much RAM

But actually, you can use a mail client with Protonmail Bridge

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