If you're in a school-run Discord server, and a student-run Discord server, change your nickname on the student server to a teacher's name, and watch the chaos ensue

(Pic in french)

The VÅRKÄNSLA is a chocolate bun :bun: sold at IKEA 🇸🇪 that you have to assemble yourself :ablobfoxhyper:

And as one comment says

"I died laughing when Mafu ran in shouting "Are you going to die?" and then proceeded to get smacked with a basin"

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Remark: Mafumafu chooses to be a neko in his MVs but still picks his human ears when he is annoyed (1:06)

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Last week's Guardian:
Overwhelmingly cool

This week:
Delightfully subtle

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IKEA (NekoSock™)'s choices:


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