@NekoSock where are all these kinds of videos with a singing anime girl a chat and an inscreen game from?
@NekoSock ok, i guess kizune ai made a gaming channel (she's not an ai but a girl with a anime avatar synced to her via camera presumably) and that was copied by other youtubers now. So they are called "virtual youtubers". Maybe streamer versions of that exist too and that's why we see the chat window?

@matrixsasuke @NekoSock Kinda, the ones Neko usually posts are all VTubers signed to Hololive, an VTuber-Idol-Agency, with most of them streaming regulary on youtube or bilibili. Not sure about the history but I think Kizuna was one of the first VTubers. There are other agencies too, like Nijisanji, and a whole lot of independend VTubers.

@IllIIlIlII @matrixsasuke

Yeah, they are VTubers. Nowadays, most VTubers are mainly streamers.

Kizuna Ai arguably started the movement as we know it today. She is a YouTuber from the company upd8. She got a lot of attention from the sheer novelty of her content.

Unfortunately, I'd argue her content didn't have much value beyond the novelty. At least after she started getting big.

The company did poor management and also the novelty effect started wearing off so now she is in sharp decline. (She barely reaches 100k views on her vids, ouch.)

Then two companies, Hololive and Nijisanji, got into the VTuber business, but with a different approach:

- They'd focus on streaming, while Kizuna mostly did comedic skits

- They'd have multiple talents, each with only a single dedicated (anonymous) streamer behind. (Kizuna near the end had several actors playing her role, which made her incredibly bland.)

And that has become the standard for VTubers! And that's way better.

Hololive is now arguably the most relevant vtuber agency right now. They even have branches in Indonesia and China, and they're looking to expand to English-speaking countries.

I do mostly post content from Hololive since there are far more community translations and clips from them in English. And they're just more popular.

@IllIIlIlII @matrixsasuke If you find these short clips funny, then you'll certainly like longer ones! There is an abundance of community translations on YouTube and the recommendations make them great justice.

Here are some that come to mind:

- Matsuri talks about the time she went to school with band-aids instead of bras (I think that's the first vtuber video I saw)


- Pekora dies from excitement ad Hinata comes to her island


- Fubuki gets a villager from America and discovers American cuisine youtube.com/watch?v=zTV4JsET6O

- Haato asks her fans to send feet videos and gets crazy when she receives them (Note: Even for VTuber standards, this video is very very strange) youtube.com/watch?v=Hcmuzo6XfO

@NekoSock @IllIIlIlII i still haven't found that one video in the memes tho where the anime girl sings while playing some kind of ship game...

@matrixsasuke @IllIIlIlII Ah she's called Miko! She is very cute with a playful and provocative personality.

I don't know what stream this clip was taken from though D: But here are more clips of her! (If you want, of course)


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