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@NekoSock someone forgot to make sure the slides didn't get too hot

@NekoSock Too be fair, those zigzagging slide looks don’t look like they would be fun to slide down. In fact, it looks like it could be a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

@lucky someone suggested they might be too hot 🤔

@NekoSock To be fair, it looks like a really shit slide.

@NekoSock Sort of reminds when kids get a big, exciting present and end up making a den out of the cardboard box it came in. I wonder what the psychology of that is - did one child start sliding and the rest copied ?

@andyc Maybe making "secret shelters" out of cardboard boxes is a "natural thought process", after all, cats do it too 🤔

For the slide, someone suggested it might be too hot with the sun and all, you do see a few kids standing in the shadows. But yeah, some amount of herd behaviour might be involved in this, too.

@NekoSock This is why authoritarian programming languages like Rust exist...

@thor But clearly the kids are having more fun off the slide :ablobcatbongo:

@NekoSock Yes, I didn't mean "authoritarian" as a compliment :blobfoxlurk:

GIF description: Twisty slides in a children's playground. To get to the slides the kids must climb a steep concrete hill. All the kids are ignoring the actual slides and instead are sliding down the hill.

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